England’s Secret Places You’ll Want To Visit On Your Next Vacation

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular European countries among travellers.

England’s secret places you’ll want to visit on your next vacation
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Suppose you added it to your to-see list for your next vacation; you probably researched some places to visit while being there. So, let us ask you, when you think of the United Kingdom, what places do you associate it with? The ceremonious London? The buzzing towns of Manchester and Birmingham? Or the remote areas with names you don’t know how to pronounce? 

If you have enough time to explore England and venture outside the big cities on your next holiday, this article presents a list of lesser-known places that unravel the true beauty of England. 

Malham, Yorkshire Dales

Let’s start the top with a place awarded with the title of Best National Park in Europe. It might not be a hidden gem, considering everyone checking Trip Advisor can find it, but it’s definitely a place worth adding to your extended must-see list. The village of Malham allows you to get a glimpse of the Dales region and connect with the locals. It’s the quintessential English village where all the activities happen around the local pub and shops. However, even if the village is a small one, the beauty of the natural wonders surrounding it is truly striking, and you’ll most likely spend your entire day admiring the place. 

Around the village, you can check the waterfall called Janet’s Foss, named after Janet, queen of faeries. According to the legend, she still lives hidden in a cave behind the waterfall. And even if you don’t meet Janet, you’ll still love the place because it looks whimsical in photos and makes a great plunging pool for those brave enough to swim. 

If you want to admire the beauty of the country landscape, leave your car at the Manchester airport parking and take a train to Yorkshire. It’s a 2 hour trip, and you’ll definitely love the experience.  

The Wild Atlantic Way

Are you ready to collect your jaw from the floor? Driving on Route 66 will take you on one of the most spectacular coastal routes in the world. Make sure to get rested before driving on this route because it stretches 1600 miles from County Donegal’s Inishowen Peninsula in Ulster to Kinsale, County Cork, in Munster, on the Celtic Sea coast, and the road is pretty challenging with difficult inclines. Those who love nature spend from one to three weeks exploring this region. Therefore, instead of leaving your car at the Heathrow parking and travelling by plane, you should pack it with supplies and start a journey you’ll remember your entire life. On the road, there are over 150 stops to discover natural beauties, so it’s worth taking your time and making a trip itinerary to ensure you don’t miss something. It’s best to take the journey during the summer because bad weather could prevent you from exploring the outdoors.         

Wells and the Mendip Hills

Here is another countryside destination you’ll definitely love if you’re a nature enthusiast. Wells is the smallest city in the United Kingdom, and while it offers all the amenities a British city could do, it’s also an area close to nature. Therefore, you could rent accommodation in the city and wander around town to view the landscapes. Suppose you spend the day in nature, in the evening take your time to explore the city because it has a beautiful Cathedral with a medieval clock and a unique vaulted ceiling located at the top of a high street. 

Close to Wells; you can visit the Cheddar Gorge, which is the deepest gorge in England and features a road that crosses its entire length. On your way to the Cheddar Gorge, you can also stop and admire numerous cliffs that remind you at every step you’re in the wild part of England. 

Isle of Tiree

As you already know, the United Kingdom is made of several islands, and the Isle of Tiree is one of the many tourists don’t usually visit because it’s not widely known. However, if you want to spend your time at the beach, the Isle of Tiree is a top pick because it has such white and fine sand you’ll think you’re in an exotic place for a couple of minutes. It’s the best place to take photos that will make everyone envy your holiday destination because the place is so secluded that only otters, seals or basking sharks could photobomb your photos. 

Be warned that the Isle of Tiree is in Scotland, and you’ll have to travel to the Inner Hebrides, but we promise the effort it’s worth it. 

Even if the place has a beautiful beach, don’t take your swimming suit with you because the weather is harsh during all seasons. 

Vale of White Horse

As you have already noticed by now, this list includes some of the most beautiful natural spots in England; therefore, the last one couldn’t have been different. If you want to spend some time away from the crowded cities of England, you can head to the Oxfordshire border and wander through the Vale of White Horse. It got its name from a stylised chalk figure carved into the hills. We promise this place is absolutely breathtaking and different from all the other places you could visit in the United Kingdom. 

Suppose this is a trip you take with your partner; make sure to have a walk through the Uffington White Horse and head to Dragon Hill. It might not be the most romantic place, but it’s said to be the spot where St George slayed the Dragon. The towns in the area are also specific to the English countryside, so if you want to glimpse the local life, make sure to add them to your itinerary. You can purchase favours for your loved ones at local shops which sell handmade crafts and artworks. 

Do you know any other secret gems to add to a must-see list in England?

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