How To Be Every Friend’s Dream Travel Buddy

Nobody’s perfect!


Traveling with friends can bring a whole new level of fun to everything from a quick weekend getaway to a months-long multi-country excursion. Many of my favorite travel memories would never have been possible without the friends I had with me. While meeting new people is an essential and very special part of travel, there’s still something to be said for having your go-to buddies by your side when you’re taking on a new adventure. However, the company you keep while you travel can make or break your entire experience. But hey—you have to make sure you’re a good travel buddy, too! Nobody’s perfect, but I’ve got some tips to keep in mind while traveling with friends to ensure that you’re not the one bringing down the group’s vibes. Of course you’ve got to be yourself, (that’s why all your friends already love you!) but sometimes you have to make compromises to ensure that everyone has the best time possible. The more you can minimize little annoyances, the more fun you will have. Who doesn’t want to be the best travel buddy?

Be flexible.

You can’t expect everything to go exactly as planned when you travel, so be open to new options when necessary. Sometimes last minute decisions lead to the best times!

Be willing to compromise.

If you and your friends have an ambitious itinerary, you might not be able to do everything. Just make sure you’re willing to give and take a little to ensure that everyone gets to do what’s most important to them.

Get alone time now and then.

Travel can sometimes be stressful, and if you’re spending every minute with someone, you may start to get on each other’s nerves. So take an hour, or even a day, to explore on your own!

Don’t over-plan.

It’s great to be organized and have a general idea about what you want to do in a day so that you can be sure to accomplish everything, but nobody wants to have a strict schedule when traveling. Put your valuable organizational skills to use, but don’t expect your friends to want their every move decided for them.

Don’t be a know-it-all.

Even if you have only the best of intentions when you declare, “we have to go to dinner here,” your opinion is not the only one that matters when you’re traveling with friends. If your voice is the only one being heard when decisions are being made, take a step back and let someone else make the final call every now and then.

Be spontaneous.

Trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone is what traveling is all about! Let your friends bring out your adventurous side, and do the same for them!

Be mindful of everyone’s budget.

Money can be a tricky subject to navigate with friends, but at least try to be aware of the general amount your friends are willing to spend. Not everyone has to have the same budget, but just make sure you’re not forcing your pals into expensive situations all the time while they’re trying to be frugal. If you’re honest about your financial situation, your friends will be more comfortable being honest as well.

Be prepared.

Friends can bring a great deal of comfort to your travel experience, but don’t rely on them for everything. While they’ll be happy to help you out if you forgot your blow dryer, they might get a little annoyed if you’re constantly raiding their suitcase for everything you couldn’t fit in your carry-on. But, of course, be willing to help your friend out if they need it—that’s what friends are for!

Be fun!

You decided to travel to have amazing experiences, so don’t be a dud. If you’re feeling tired or just a little off, try not to bring your friend’s mood down with you. Let them bring you back to your happy, fun self in the way only a friend can, so you can get back to having SO. MUCH. FUN!

Take turns as photographer.

We all want great photos to remember our travels, but make sure you’re not constantly making your travel buddy snap photos of you without returning the favor. Having a personal photographer with you at all times is a huge bonus to traveling with a friend, after all!


The best part of traveling with a friend is getting to have a little piece of home with you anywhere in the world. The memories you make will be all the more special because you shared with someone special to you.

Jordyn Asakowicz

Editorial Intern

Jordyn is a college student from California. She is an aspiring writer who fell in love with Italy while living there for a few months. She loves shopping and trying local foods in a new city.

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