Discover South Africa: 7 Reasons Why You Need to Visit This Amazing Country In 2023

South Africa is an amazing country characterised by its diverse culture, untamed wilderness and of course breath-taking landscapes. This popular destination has something for every kind of traveller with its wealth of unique experiences and sights, making it the perfect spot for your next dream vacation.

7 Reasons You Need To Visit South Africa


Keep reading to discover our top 7 reasons why you need to visit South Africa.

1. Stunning Beaches 

7 Reasons You Need To Visit South Africa


With a coastline of more than 200 km from the country’s Garden Route to KwaZulu-Natal’s Indian Ocean, South Africa has no shortage of beaches. Whether you want to stick to the classic sandy bays and work on your tan or explore the more unique offerings where you can mingle with some of the country’s incredible wildlife, including penguins and turtles, the options are endless. You can even experience the famous Supertubes at one of the world’s top suffering destinations, known as Jeffrey’s Bay.

2. Many Leisurely Activities to Choose From 

7 Reasons You Need To Visit South Africa


Cliche as it may sound – there really is anything and everything to enjoy by tourists and visitors alike. Seeking an adventure like no other? Well, whether you’re a skydiving enthusiast, thalassophile who’s always loved whale watching or even one who appreciates some friendly competition with a good game of laser tag – you’re covered! And, since we’re mentioning games – once you’re exhausted from all the adrenaline-pumping outdoorsy adventure, why not sign up to an online casino? You’ll be relaxing in the comfort of your hotel or hostel and perhaps might avail of a good bonus. Plus, if you aren’t quite sure of which operator to sign up to, you should check out Silver Sands Casino. With its 100% up to R5000 match bonus, you know it’s definitely worth your time.

3. Incredible Wildlife 

7 Reasons You Need To Visit South Africa


Not only can you spot African penguins on the beach in Cape Town, but thanks to South Africa’s well-developed safari industry, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see the Big Five, which are the elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, and rhino. With a bit of luck, even rare species such as pangolins have been known to be spotted around these parts. We also can’t forget the country’s iconic sardine run, which happens from May to July. Here, avid divers can witness one of the largest marine life migrations on earth as vast shoals of sardines travel along the Eastern Cape coastline to the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal.

4. Epic History

7 Reasons You Need To Visit South Africa


South Africa may be known for its breathtaking scenery and vast wildlife, but the country also has a rich history represented by unique architecture and interesting landmarks such as the Castle of Good Hope. Completed in 1666, the castle is regarded as one of the best examples of 17th-century Dutch East India Company architecture in the world. The country is also home to an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Cradle of Humankind. Here visitors can view the Sterkfontein Caves, where a 3.5 million-year-old hominid fossil was found in 1947.

5. Vibrant Cities

7 Reasons You Need To Visit South Africa


If the sprawling landscape and endless wildlife of South Africa are not enough to convince you to visit, then maybe the country’s vibrant cities will do the trick. From laid-back Durban to bustling Cape Town, South Africa has a vast array of cities that offer anything from craft breweries to amazing nightlife. Cape Town is by far the most visited city in the country due to its diverse architecture, fabulous restaurants, and, of course, the stellar wineries in Stellenbosch.

6. Exotic Cuisine 

7 Reasons You Need To Visit South Africa


As a country with a colonial past, South African cuisine is made up of some unique flavours and influences, so be sure to visit on an empty stomach so you can enjoy all the incredible food they have to offer. Visitors can try out traditional dishes such as Bunny Chow, which is a combination of bread and curry that originated in the Durban Indian community. We also can’t forget the country’s amazing street food, where you can truly taste its history with street dishes known as Vetkoek. You also can’t go wrong with the country’s incredible seafood, especially the oysters in Cape Town; trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

7. Rich Culture 

7 Reasons You Need To Visit South Africa


Famously referred to as the rainbow nation, South Africa is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. Unlike some other nations, South Africans have managed to preserve their traditions and rich cultural heritage. You can still see the descendants of ancient African tribes outside the major cities, such as the Bushmen, Venda, Zulus, and Xhosa. Here you will find intricate dress codes, body ornaments, and vibrant jewellery, coupled with their own unique oral history.

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