Cruises To The Arctic 2022: How To Make The Right Choice

Arctic expedition makes one of the most dream-worthy adventure trips that you can brag off for the rest of your life.

Arctic cruise

But before realizing your dream you need diligent research and careful planning. This uninhabitable location with extreme climatic conditions and exotic wildlife is not for everyone. Having said that, technology has certainly made the location far more accessible than it was a few years back. Going to the end of the Earth requires in-depth planning and is not like any other trip for obvious reasons. To get you started we have highlighted some points to plan your Arctic expedition in a way that you are ready for everything. 

1. Take the polar expedition cruise

Arctic cruise

Do you want the most realistic and feasible advice? This is the one. Choose a well-organized and well-built polar expedition cruise and give the responsibility of your safety to them (not entirely though). You will get many opportunities to hop off the ship and explore the icy wonderland up close and its natural form. 

The climatic conditions are harsh here so you need to depend on your cruise and its crew for safety and security. Keeping in mind the challenges of the location, a polar expedition cruise is your best and safest bet. You will get to witness the wild, untamed and uninhabitable landscape in its full glory. 

2. Travel insurance

You will experience the best time of your life but what if things go otherwise for you. An Arctic expedition is not just another trip to the beach so you need some insurance for the same. Be prepared for the worst. Discuss your insurance policies with the expert to ensure your overall trip and activities are included in them. 

3. Seasickness is a real thing

We all like to believe that we will not fall sick but seasickness is more common than you think. You might not know how your body will acclimatize to the extremely cold climatic conditions of the region so it is best to keep all your essential medicines in check before leaving your house. Your ship will have some basic medicines but you should not take any chance with your personal medicines as your cruise is not a floating pharmacy. Consult a doctor if you are not aware of seasickness so that you carry specific medicines. 

4. Fitness is important

You might have planned everything and have all the essentials but you cannot expect to be picked up from your bed and be dropped in the Arctic. You do not have to be an Olympic athlete but should have a certain level of fitness to ensure that you have a smooth stay and enjoy all your activities. 

You have to do some preparation before heading to your dream destination because you might now know your body well enough as to how it will behave in the harsh climate conditions. Being in good health is more important than buying an ultra-expensive camera to embrace your surroundings and be able to enjoy your trip. 

You would not want to get sick when you reach the coldest place on Earth because you have been dreaming and planning for this day for a long time. You can check out some ways to start your fitness journey before reaching your destination to make full use of each penny invested.    

5. Change is the only constant!

Because of the extremities and remoteness of the region, things might change anytime and you must be prepared for it. Keep an open mind and flexible mood to adapt to the changes that might occur in your itinerary keeping in mind the weather conditions to ensure your full safety. 

6. Camera  

Arctic cruise

To capture the beauty and wilderness of the Arctic is every photographer’s dream. You might have the best phone with the best clarity in pictures but it cannot replace a good camera lens. You might not be a photographer but you will definitely want to do full justice to the beauty of the region when you capture it. 

You should take extra memory cards because once you start clicking you will not be able to stop and would want to capture every glimpse you can. Also, have a way to back up your pictures because you will have a million photos to choose from before showing it off on social media, and why not. If you are interested to buy a good photography camera, click here to check out the list of best cameras

7. Best time to visit

Summer is a popular season to visit the Arctic which starts from May and remains till September but July and August is the peak season. The Arctic flora comes into its full form and the fauna becomes more active in this warmer season. It becomes easier for the cruises to pass through the North Pole and the North West as the ice melts away. 

The winter season is gaining a fan base and attracting more tourists, the reason being Aurora Borealis which is famously called the Northern Lights. Having to witness this magical phenomenon will surely be a ‘cherry on the cake’ for your overall adventure. So, if you want to catch these lights plan your Arctic trip during the winter season. 

8. Packing list

Because of the ferocity of the climatic conditions and the remoteness of the region it is of supreme importance that you have all the necessary things in place before heading towards your destination. The list includes:

  • The right clothes and layers are essential for you to have a good and comfortable experience because obviously, you would not want to freeze to the core in the midst of kayaking. 
  •  Socks, waterproof boots, and hiking boots will be blessings to your feet.
  • Layers of gloves are as important as the layering of clothes. 
  • Caps, neck gaiter, and beanies will protect your eyes and face.
  • Backpacks and bags will make your important stuff accessible and trip easier as you will have to carry some stuff around.

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