Create Your Travel Moodboard For Your Next Trip!

It’s often challenging to contain your giddy inspiration when you know you’re going away on vacation.

Travel mood board
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But when ideas and plans start flooding in, you need somewhere convenient to put them all so they don’t fall by the wayside. This is why mood boards are becoming a hit among travel enthusiasts.

Planning Trips the Fun Way

Moodboards are used for collecting and organising images and text to describe or reflect a specific concept. If lists aren’t your thing, a mood board is the perfect way to take note of what you want to do on your travels.

Types of Moodboard

Moodboards tend to come in two forms: the physical and the digital. If you like arts and crafts or have a penchant for cutting and sticking bits of paper together, a physical mood board is likely a good option for keeping things fun and visually stimulating.

The other option is a totally digital mood board. You don’t need to be an artist to do this, and there are plenty of apps available to help you create interactive mood boards for your vacation. Whichever approach you take, it’s worth considering the advantages and limitations of each.

Physical Moodboards

Physical mood boards often include magazine cuttings, notepad entries, and hand-written lists. You can get as creative as you want, creating the most visually stimulating and memorable pieces to help you plan your vacation.


  • Easier to personalise
  • Crafts can be fun
  • Simple to have on display


  • Can get damaged
  • Take a long time to complete
  • Collaboration is difficult
  • You have to wait until you get home to add to them

Digital Moodboards

Whether you use an app, social media or make your own, digital mood boards are a convenient way to visually map your plans. This option lets you open your mood board on multiple devices, and you can easily get going in just a few clicks.


  • Faster to make
  • More accessible
  • You can back them up
  • Easier to collaborate
  • Easy to update on the go


  • Less fun for some
  • Not as easy to customise
  • Tucked away in your phone or computer

To access your mood board, even if you are online, keep a preview on your phone. If you use Instagram content as inspiration for your itinerary and vlog plans, you can now save Instagram videos using free tools. Once you have them in your Gallery, you can shorten them and make edits for your perfect vacation visualiser! 

What Should I Put on My Moodboard?

What you include in your mood board depends on what you want to do while you’re away. If you’re visiting a city for its architecture and culture, you might want to include pictures of pretty buildings or lists of museums and galleries. If food is the most important of the trip, you could identify the best restaurants and pin reviews to your mood board. 

It’s a good idea to start with photos and the names of the activities/places you’re considering. If you’re in the planning stage, a mood board filled with images of potential destinations might be a suitable starting point. If you’ve booked your flights and want to shortlist activities for your vacation, you can get as detailed as you like on specific areas of interest.

Advanced Techniques

Moodboard ninjas can take their collages to the next level by using tags or keywords for specific subsections of their board. For example, you might want options for breakfast with kids, coffee with friends, or drinks and dinner. You can create tags for each category so you have all the options you need. 


If you have friends over to your house regularly, physical mood boards could be a fun after-dinner activity. For most people, digital mood boards are more convenient. One of the biggest conveniences with physical moodboards is that you can take inspiration from anywhere online in just a few seconds by taking a screenshot.

Also, digital moodboards make it easy to share your thoughts with friends and get instant feedback on your ideas. If a friend had a bad experience at a restaurant you’re planning to visit, you might have to wait until that friend comes to your house before they can point it out on your physical board. On the other hand, digital versions make it easy for friends to comment online.

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