Car Accident Statistics: Getting The Help Of An Experienced Lawyer Can Save You

While accidents involving cars can occur anywhere, certain places pose a greater risk than others. In order to drive defensively and support laws that increase road safety, it is critical that drivers are aware of the risks associated with various driving situations.

Car accidents statistics
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In order to help them recover damages for their losses, drivers should be aware of their alternatives in the event of an accident, including where to look for the top car accident lawyer in their community.

This guide provides information on the city with the highest number of auto accidents as well as some explanation for why driving in particular cities might be so risky. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Allstate data on accident sites around the country were used to compile this guide.

Key things to note:

  • Atlanta is the top city where majority of the motorists suffer from the highest chance of getting involved in a major crash
  • The city having the greatest rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents per 100,000 population is Memphis.
  • Baltimore drivers experience auto accidents at a rate of once every four years on average, which is higher than that of other drivers.
  • Compared to other American cities, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Boston have the highest crash rates.
  • The American city where drivers have the lowest chance of getting into a car accident is Raleigh, North Carolina.

Different places have different rules regarding auto accidents. For example, cities in no-fault states restrict drivers’ ability to sue an at-fault driver unless their injuries are severe enough. These no-fault states—Michigan, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania—are home to several of the cities with a high crash probability.

It is best for drivers involved in incidents to get in touch with attorneys in the area where the crash happened because local regulations can differ. Los Angeles, for instance, ranks as the tenth most dangerous city.

A list of 10 cities with the highest car collision fatalities

Not only are crash locations of interest to drivers, but they may also be curious about which towns have the highest rate of deadly auto accidents. The cities with the greatest rate of fatal collisions per 100,000 population are displayed in the table below.

A fatal accident can have particularly harmful effects, so it’s crucial to choose the correct lawyer when one happens. It is frequently possible for the estate of the deceased to sue the parties involved in the accident, but it is important to understand local law.

            Rank               CityRate of Fatality per 100,000 population
                1Memphis, TN                 34
                2Detroit, MI                 29
                3Tucson, AZ                  23
                4Jacksonville, FL                  19
                5Albuquerque, NM                  18
                6Louisville, KY                   17
                7Kansas City, MO                   16
                8Dallas, TX                   15
                9Atlanta, GA                   15
                10Tampa, Florida                   14


Which type of crashes mostly lead to fatality?

Because certain car accidents are more likely to result in deaths than others, it is crucial to take these reasons into account when analyzing car accidents that cause fatality.

In 2020, the two most common causes of fatal crashes were speeding and drunk driving, which resulted in 12,654 and 12,259 road deaths, respectively. With 2,974 fatal accidents due to drivers who lost focus on the road, distracted driving was also a major contributing factor in collisions.

There is a greater than 100% likelihood of an accident for drivers in the most dangerous cities in the nation. Every driver should be aware of the local rules regarding auto accidents, drive defensively, and have the appropriate insurance. However, in high-risk areas, these habits are more crucial, so drivers should study this list and decide how to best safeguard themselves along with their family members when driving.

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