How This Canadian Student Uses Manufactured Spending To Travel For Less

Turn your spendings into points while keeping good credit.

Meet Avery Campbell, a student who takes “spending” and “traveling” to a whole new level without REALLY “spending.”

The 24-year-old Canadian graduate student has mastered the strategy of “manufactured spending.” Ever ignore credit card reward programs? Campbell doesn’t and he’s been able to live the high travel life by earning points on credit card reward programs.

According to BBC, Campbell recently bought coins from Canada Mint to collect points then use them to pay his bills. This method has allowed him to travel to remote places, either via first-class services or without spending a dime on travel expenses. As he told BBC, he used points on a British Airways flight that would’ve cost $315. At times, he also uses points to fly first-class on both Emirates and Lufthansa airlines.

This takes having good credit and never missing payments or carry balance on his credit cards.

If you want to also master manufactured spending, make purchases on your credits that can be turned into cash, or points collected which you can use later for free travel expenses.

One special trick Campbell utilizes is what he refers to as “credit card churn,” meaning that he’ll sign up for a new credit card which provides a huge amount of reward points. Credit card companies may not like manufactured spending, but it’s still legal.

Looks like traveling for less (or for free) is quite possible, you just need to keep your eye out for great reward programs out there and be sure to maintain good credit.


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