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Fear not, darling betch of mine, I have come to your rescue.

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The trip of a lifetime is coming up and you’ve spent six hours trying on everything in your closet, but your suitcase lies empty on the floor. Fear not, darling betch of mine, I have come to your rescue. No matter what your style, shape, or taste, this packing list will guide you toward functional fashion nirvana. The links will guide you to some of my recommendations; follow your gorgeous nose from there. Remember that the sexiest thing you can wear on your trip is a genuine smile and positive attitude. The rest is just accessorizing.


  • 3 cotton tank tops (or more), you’ll never want to take them off and layers are always in.
  • 5 Bras. At least three regular bras, and I would suggest two or three sport bras as well. A Target bralette is a heavenly compromise between the two.
  • 3 comfortable V-necks for long travel days. American Apparel has great colors.
  • 1 pair of sassy pants (i.e. harem, high-waisted, or leather) to wear to the bar with the drinks that cost more than your hostel.
  • 7 Underwear, panties, undergarments, unmentionables, you get the drift.
  • 3 pairs of jeans, one fat pair, one skinny pair, and one with cute details.
  • 1 funky dress that makes you feel dangerous. Try Urban Outfitters.
  • 1 maxi skirt to still look cute when it’s cold as fudge.
  • 4 pairs of tights, because we all resemble Mel Gibson in What Women Want when we put the damn things on. Translation: because they tear.
  • 2 Stretchy Pants such as yoga pants or leggings. Personally, I think yoga pants are more flattering. If you want to splurge hit up Lululemon.
  • 2 coats: one fitted and appropriate for going out, and one that reminds you of your nanny but traps heat like a Dutch oven. You’ll wear both. A blazer is a good fitted choice.
  • 2 Pairs of pajamas. Real pajamas, not a negligee that you will leave at the bottom of your suitcase. Sweatpants and boxers are good choices.
  • 5 Sweaters. Suggestions: Grandma Sweater, Fitted Cardigan, Slouchy Off-the-Shoulder, Zip-Up Hoodie, and Oh-So-Soft Cashmere.
  • 7 Pairs of socks. Everyone needs socks. I recommend bringing one thick hiking pair for in case any of your shoes give you blisters.


  • The Shoes A Betch Will Wear Everywhere. I’m a combat boots girl; other choices include Toms, a favorite pair of flats, or comfortable booties.
  • Come-Get-Me shoes. Your sexy boots, mile-high pumps, or most daring pair of clogs, if that’s what you’re into. Make sure that you can walk on cobblestones in them…you’ll thank me later.
  • Disposable flip-flops for gnarly showers and tiptoeing to the bathroom.


  • Toiletries: you know what you use, pack travel size so you can carry on. It will give you an excuse to buy cute little bottles along the way.
  • Do not forget your toothbrush, I refuse to be to blame for your gingivitis.
  • Jewelry: limit yourself to what you wear at least once a week.
  • Makeup: same rules, bring it if you wear it at least once a week. Always toss in a fun lipstick color for good measure.
  • Hair Straightener or Curler: only if you absolutely must.
  • Facial cleansing wipes.
  • Tiny flashlight.
  • Safety pins for tears in your suitcase.
  • Bandaids / Moleskin just in case.
  • Meds: I recommend a basic painkiller like ibuprofen and an antihistamine for allergies.
  • Plastic bags of various sizes, and a few garbage bags for laundry and sincerely random moments when you will need them.
  • Plastic silverware, a classy betch doesn’t waste.
  • Detergent pack.
  • Mittens.
  • Beanie, fedora, or other stylish hat.
  • Scarves. They up the fashion status of every outfit and keep you warm.
  • Comfortable cross-body purse for shopping in flea markets.
  • Small Clutch for going out.
  • Pocket mirror.
  • Pens and pencils.
  • Travel Notebook.
  • Chargers for your electronics.
  • Your electronics.
  • Converter, so your electronics actually work.

Lena Kazer

Lena is a Chicago native, her travel style consists of red cowboy boots that make her feel like she can take over the world. She adores Peru and can't travel without her journal to draw or write in.

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