4 Of The Best Fall Destinations To Visit In Europe

The trees change into vibrant colors and coffees become cozier.

The air is getting cooler and fall is around the corner in Europe. The continent is a little jewelry box full of ancient and historical monuments what become even more charming when it comes to this part of the year. The trees change into vibrant colors and coffees become cozier.

1. HallstattAustria

Hallstatt, Austria. fall

How could I skip Austria from the list with its misty mountains? If you like hiking and planning an active holiday, Austria is a perfect choice for you. No matter which part of the country you choose, in the eastern Burgerland part, the wine-growing area, the view will be lovely for autumn walks. The rangy steuer area in the western part has an unforgettable view with its enchanting forests.  If you would like to breath the fresh air of the mountains I absolutely recommend Hallstatt. The region around Lake Hallstatt is a world heritage site and the scenery is like a real life postcard.

2. Bruge, Belgium

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For those looking for less touristy places, Brugge, the capital of West Flanders, Belgium is a great choice. The canals and historic parts of the town make this destination a perfect romantic fall holiday choice. The town is fairly compact but that doesn’t mean you will be bored. There are a bunch of things to discover. The city center has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And besides chocolate, waffles and beer the place is also famous of it’s handmade laces.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague fall autumn
UNSPLASH Rodrigo Ardilha

Medieval, enchanting, unforgettable…If I could choose what time of the year to visit Prague I would say fall without thinking. The mysterious scene of the Charles Bridge and the towers is like a screenshot from a 18th century romantic movie. Considering other capital cities in Europe, Prague is a smaller city but full of secrets and intriguing stories. Each season brings  an exciting feeling to the city, but the atmosphere will surely be memorable if you discover the place in October-November.

4. Nürnberg, Germany

Nürnberg, Germany. fall

Another hidden gem for those who would rather avoid the crowd. Allow yourself to stay overnight in smaller villages as well to see the magic of these tiny treasures. Meet Albrecht Dürer one of the most famous painter in history and feel the medieval touch of the village. If you hang out in town in the evening indulge in Bavarian food and have a beer  while enjoying the atmosphere!

Dorina Nemeskéri

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Dorina works as a fashion illustrator based in Hungary. She is a dreamer, always in search of new inspirations on her adventures. She can never travel without her watercolor kit!

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