ADVICE & HACKS To Successfully Promote Your Travel YouTube Blog

Traveling is a very popular niche on YouTube, and the competition among bloggers is huge. However, there is always a place for someone who has original ideas and a new vision for places we all have already seen.

Promote your travel YouTube blog

But to break into the existing community of travel bloggers, you have to put much effort into your promotion. To buy the interest of users to your content for a cheap price, you will definitely need some hacks and tricks that will allow you to gain more views, shares, and YouTube likes as well. Let’s discover what are the most efficient hacks for promoting travel blogs on YouTube.

Use YouTube Algorithm In Your Favor

Use keywords to put your content in the right category. Find the most relevant terms for the industry by looking through the profiles of top influencers in your niche and analyzing the search results. After you have defined the terms that suit your content the most, infuse them in your video titles, descriptions, and even thumbnail text, if you add it to your plan. 

The ground rule for good keyword choice is that you must mix in enough general terms, and add some specific words that will distinguish your content from the others in the niche. 

Promote Your Channel On Other Platforms

Of course, nowadays it is impossible to have only one working account if you aim for becoming a blogger. Having traveling chosen as a topic for your channel, you need to support your video content with other kinds of worthy media – photos, texts, and basically anything that helps other people to discover your personality. So, having multiple profiles on different networks comes as great assistance when you need to gain more views and likes on your YouTube. Announce upcoming videos on your Instagram or Facebook, and use the Ads of these platforms to attract new viewers. 

Monitor Your Competition 

Another vital factor that can impact your progress on YouTube is being aware of what your competitors are doing and how they do it. This will help you to understand which topics are already well covered, so you can concentrate on more original ideas. Also, this is a great way to catch up with what users are thinking about various types of content. Examine carefully how bloggers interact with the audience and see how this knowledge applies to your strategy. Constant monitoring is a good way to keep up with the flow of trends and avoid many mistakes that a blogger can make at the beginning of their career. 

Make It Personal

People are interested in meeting new and engaging personas online. Everyone can film their trips, but only an infusion of personal charisma is what makes a blog truly successful. Users want to find what is resonating with their emotions and opinions, so don’t be afraid to share your experience. 

The most relevant way to complete this task is simply to be yourself. Simply come as you are, and you will find a like-minded crowd quickly. 

Kill It With Humor

And of course, the precious point will be impossible to fulfill without a good dose of humor, memes, and gags. These things help you build a connection with your audience and maintain the bond in the existing community. Having specific jokes is one of the features that can make your materials stand out among others, so never neglect the opportunity to demonstrate the sharpness of your mind and bring some fun to the viewers. 

Pro tip: sometimes, your audience can be the source of cool jokes and memes. Always encourage such things – it is a great addition to your engagement rate on the platform. 


YouTube is a social network, hence communication is a must if you want to reach success here. The main place for talking in YT is the comment section. Here people will share their impressions about the content, suggest adjustments, encourage you with supporting words, and have fun. Your task is to be a proactive member of the conversations that may go on in your comments. 

  • Motivate people to share their opinion with CTA’s directly in the film
  • Ask what they think of your video in the description
  • Pin a comment with a topic for discussion. 

These simple steps will provide a trampoline for a talk that can last long. 

Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Collaborate with other bloggers

Partnership on YouTube is a common practice for expanding your reach and getting more likes, views, or subscribers. Connect other bloggers in your niche, who have already gained a little more attention than you, and create a collective material, so both of you get some profit out of it. 

Collaborating with top influencers of this industry isn’t easy, but for sure you can meet them at various events for bloggers and present some live content for your subscribers, thus driving some attention to your profile.

Nail The Visuals

Duly noted that today traveling is one of the most popular themes to exploit on YouTube, so you have to put much effort into impressing the audience. The demands for visuals are very high, so you have to work on the esthetics and technical quality of your video. For instance, having a drone and mastering the filming process with it is a must for a modern travel blogger who wants to create high-quality videos that catch the breath of their viewers. 

Look for inspiration in other travelers’ channels, but be careful – nobody likes copycats. Turn the ideas you see into something fresh, using your imagination and current technical level. Remember- it is possible to film great videos even with the smartphone. 

Think Out Of The Box

Another value that is highly appreciated by the audience is authenticity of the video, and your ability to show things that everybody has seen many times, from a different angle. Fill your materials not only with gags and beautiful views, but give your spectators a dose of valuable and interesting information. Travel content requires lots of research on stage of planning your trip: you need to be familiar with local habits and history of the destination, and be ready to react accordingly, thus providing useful insights for the viewers too. 

The niche of traveling blogs is quite tightly inhabited on YouTube. But if you are sure that you have a fresh view which has the potential to catch the interest of the demanding YouTube audiences, you totally have a green light. This theme requires investments of time and money, but the result is worth it: popularity on YouTube usually comes with a good profit, if the strategy is right and you have a clue about monetizing your channel.

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