A Traveller’s Guide To Geoblocking In 2024

If you have ever travelled to another part of the world and tried to watch a TV show through a streaming service, then you may have noticed that it’s not available in your current location.

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This is known as geoblocking and although it can be frustrating, there are ways around it. It’s not just online entertainment that is prone to geoblocking either, sometimes you may not be able to access sales in certain regions, and some state governments even block WhatsApp and X.

One way for you to work around geoblocking would be for you to invest in a VPN. VPNs allow you to bypass firewalls, so you can enjoy the content you love at any time. This means that games, including online roulette, slots and even blackjack can be accessed without any problems. If classics such as Gold Vault Roulette as well as more animated versions, such as Age of Gods aren’t available in the country you’re visiting, a VPN will remove any access restrictions.

The VPN you download should be reputable, however. When travelling, you may find yourself using free or public WiFi networks. Transmitting any kind of data over these networks can be dangerous. By using a trustworthy VPN, you can take advantage of the various security features while knowing that any data you submit over the network is encrypted and safe from hackers.

How Geoblocking Impacts Travellers

Netflix is available in over 190 countries. Each country has a different library, and it’s not just due to locally-produced content. Copyright holders have licensing agreements with the platform, permitting them to stream in certain countries. Shows that are available in the US, may not be available in the UK or France.

In addition to streaming, some platforms, including Amazon, geoblock services. This can include games, software and even audiobooks. Amazon Prime even blocks some VPN IPs from accessing content. With VPNs giving travellers a higher level of security, this can be frustrating, especially for those who find themselves having to use unsecured networks just to connect to the internet. This is a common practice in locations off the beaten path.

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Why Do Websites Geoblock Content?

If websites don’t follow data protection laws, they may find themselves hit with a geoblock. Since the GDPR came in for the EU, websites that were once accessed in numerous EU countries were now region-restricted, simply because of non-compliance. It’s not just sites that don’t have the resources to ensure GDPR compliance.

Many US websites are blocked in EU countries. Spotify uses geo-restrictions to lock residents from certain countries out of the entire platform while limiting access to certain music libraries. When travelling, you may find yourself stuck on a train for hours. Not being able to access Spotify or your favourite YouTube channel can be frustrating, especially if the content is widely available in your home country.

Although restrictions can be tough on travellers, VPNs are a solid workaround for accessing geoblocked content, and if you invest in the right one, you should see a notable improvement in the entertainment you can access.

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