A Brief Guide To Planning An Intimate Destination Wedding

There is no argument that 2020 was a year of disappointments. If you were planning to get married last year, your wedding probably got cancelled or indefinitely postponed. Even though the vaccine is here, there is no certainty about when things will go back to normal. 

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If you have waited month-after-month to tie the knot, perhaps, now is the time to say your vows. While a large-scale wedding might not be possible, you can say ‘I do’ with your closest family and friends in attendance. A destination wedding is a perfect way to make this important milestone a cherished memory. 

Planning a wedding, destination or not, can be quite stressful. We are sharing some of our most useful tips to pull off a destination wedding in a short time. Let’s dive in. 

Find a Destination

Finding a destination should be the first task on your list. Considering the travel restrictions, hosting an international wedding is probably out of the question. Moreover, if you’re to get married in a short time, it would be best to pick a domestic destination. You need to look at your budget and wedding theme to find the perfect spot. It is also recommended to choose a destination that you can easily drive to. 

Avoid Closed Banquets

Tight indoor spaces are unsuitable for weddings in the current times. You should instead go for an outdoor wedding. If you are looking for an ethereal wedding that allows your guests to social distance, a beach wedding should be on the top of your list. Check out event homes on the OBX for a dreamy ceremony on the beach.

Figure Out The Guest List

Your plans to host a grand wedding would have to wait. For now, there is no choice but to be more selective with the guest list. Exclusively invite friends and family who are closest to you. Weddings, especially destination weddings, are not cheap. Keeping your guest list short will help you save more. 

Hire a Local Planner

Destination weddings can be tricky because you might not be familiar with a new city. Rather than putting too much pressure on yourself, hire a local wedding planner. A planner who knows their way around can be of great assistance. They can also help you find local decorators, caterers, and other vendors that can provide items from plates to chairs covers

Ship Items to Wedding Destination

If you’re planning to drive to the wedding destination, you will likely have limited space in your car. Instead of stuffing it with all the things you need for the wedding, ship them directly to the destination. You can ask your wedding planner to receive them on your behalf. 

Know the Guidelines

Follow all the guidelines offered by the CDC and get tested frequently. For everyone’s safety, ask every guest to get tested as well.

You should also request your guests wear proper masks to minimize the risk of spreading the virus to each other and the community you’re visiting. You should plan the seating arrangement to maintain a safe social distance between guests, seating households together whenever possible.

Talk to Vendors About Cancellation

Because of the circumstances, you should be prepared for unexpected changes. Talk to your vendors about their cancellation policy before signing the contract. In case there is a last-minute travel restriction announced, and you have to postpone your wedding, at least you won’t lose too much money.

Considering we are in the middle of a pandemic, you and your family have likely not seen each other or gone on a vacation in a long time. A destination wedding with just your closest family and friends could perhaps be a refreshing change. However, it’s extremely important for everyone to get tested and take necessary precautionary measures to stay safe.

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