8 Last-Minute Gifts For Travel Lovers

Traveling is something we all enjoy, there is definitely one dream place where we would like to go. Going on travels with your lover, friend or acquaintance is something we all wish to do. Creating sweet memories and experiencing nature with a travel lover is still a dream for many people.

Canvaspop travel lovers

Impressing a travel lover by giving them a gift on their birthday or an event is something you cannot slack on. With the help of modern tech, you can give them several things as a gift and something which will help them in their hard times in their travels.

So if your travel lover’s event is about to come and you still haven’t thought of giving them anything as a gift, then here are some things you can gift to them, which they will cherish for their entire lives.

1. Books with bookmarker

While traveling, there are times when the traveler may get bored of waiting for something. Book is available in almost every shop. Gift a traveler guide or a storybook based on their favorite genre. It will help them get peace of mind on their harsh daily travels.

Add a bookmark to the gift if possible. A bookmark may seem like an ordinary thing, but it can be big sometimes. Make a DIY bookmark and hide it inside the book. The person will look at the bookmark, which will remind them of you. Something like a book is also very cheap and handy. It is perfect for a last-minute gift.

2. Canvas frame

Travelers travel a lot, they enjoy a lot, and they love to click photos a lot. SO why not gift them something which is fancy looking and which can capture their most cherished moments. They are extremely pretty and are best for wall decorations

Canvaspop creates beautiful framed prints through which you can capture and frame those lovely moments that you enjoyed while traveling.

Canvaspop has a variety of options in this field. Standard features like adjusting the size, filters, and edges can all be done in a blink of an eye. High tech features like touchup, enhancement, and a makeover can help you create your own masterpiece

3. Gift card and subscription

Travelers on their long journey may miss their favorite TV shows. So to prevent that, you can gift them subscriptions for their fav websites like Netflix and amazon prime. It’s something you can do from home too.

Giving them gift cards is also something which can be very useful for them. An Apple iTunes gift card or a Google Play gift card is also pretty much a healthy gift. There are various gift cards, so if you know their preferences, you can give them a gift card that they just needed.

4. Wireless headphones

headphones travel lovers

Headphones are something you can find in any store. Just imagine yourself listening to songs on top of a mountain at night. Feels amazing, right? So something like headphones is just perfect for a traveler.

If you want them to stay longer with the person, you can increase the budget and buy wireless sports headphones or even AirPods. While on a journey, there are times when it’s a possibility that the headphones may break or get damaged. To avoid these situations, a wireless one works best.

Just listening to the songs will bring peace to the mind of the listener and will definitely remind them of you.

5. Travel padlock

When people go on travels, they often tend to take good stuff so they can enjoy it freely. But this also increases the chances of it getting stolen. While staying in a hotel or resort, who knows? Maybe a worker tries to steal your stuff. So to keep care of their things, you can give them a padlock.

A padlock can be really handy for travelers as they are small and can prevent your important equipment from getting stolen. A padlock that is strong enough to hold any hammer is the best. By increasing a little budget, you can purchase these online or buy them directly from your nearby store.

6. Travel cameras

Everyone enjoys taking photos and loves to post them on their social media to let others know where they are. But in windy and high-altitude places, it’s a bit hard for the person to click photos as there is a high risk of your camera or phone getting broken. In places like these, it is best to give them something through which they can capture their special moments without worrying a bit.

GoPro’s are cameras that are mostly used by travelers or mountain climbers. They have high durability and are very small, so the risk of them getting broken or lost is null. These can be found in any tech store and are cheap too.

7. FitBands wristwatch

wrist watches

Time is something we all should have a track one. They say time flows like water in a river; once it flows will never come back. During travels, it’s for you to, again and again, check your phone and keep track of your time.

To fix this easy problem, you can give them a watch which is handy for them. FitBands are multipurpose wristwatches that are used for various purposes like heart rate check, footsteps check, mobile notifications, attending calls, and time, of course. These multipurpose watches are loved by travelers. In dangerous areas, you can remove the strap and just put it inside your pocket or bag.

8. Fancy face masks

Wearing a mask in windy and dirty places can be really helpful for a traveler because getting sick during traveling is the worst thing you can imagine.

There are travel face masks that are fancy-looking and prevent dust from getting inhaled. These are perfect for travelers who go to different types of places. And luckily, due to this pandemic, these face masks can be found in any nearby store.

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