7 Bucket-List Ideas For A Trip To Scotland

If you’re considering a trip to Scotland, you’re spoiled for choice in terms of exciting and breathtaking locations and experiences. 

7 Bucket-List Ideas For A Trip To Scotland


Unfortunately, you’ll have to choose which Scottish landmarks and activities to include in your vacation itinerary.

To help make that unenviable task a little easier, we’ve prepared a bucket list of ideas to get you started.

Hunt For The Loch Ness Monster

Is it even a trip to Scotland if you don’t attempt what generations before have failed to do? 

Every year, the myth and mystery surrounding Nessie bring tourists to Loch Ness. If you forgot to pack your conveniently poor-quality camera and driftwood, don’t worry. Loch Ness offers much more than a mythical creature beneath the water.

Loch Ness is one of the largest inland bodies of water in the British Islands. The sheer size, depth, and scale of the lake are a sight to behold!

It goes without saying that this is a perfect landmark to visit if you have young children. Don’t forget to bring snacks to help with the disappointment when they return empty-handed.

Visit Edinburgh Castle

One of the most amazing locations in all of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle is a must-see for anyone visiting Edinburgh. 

This magnificent structure is the number one tourist destination for a good reason. From a distance, the grand scale of the castle really shines! 

The interior is even more stunning, but we’ll let you see that for yourself on your trip! It’s remarkable how exploring the castle creates a sense that you’re in a different period in history. 

Additionally, the views from the castle walls are almost indescribable. As if there weren’t enough reasons to go.

Climb The UK’s Highest Mountain

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland, the United Kingdom, and the British Isles. This daunting scale draws in hikers every year for the famous Three Peaks Challenge.

For non-expert hikers, a more straightforward path makes the walk less difficult, provided you remember a map and compass. More experienced hikers can expect a considerable challenge following alternate paths to the top. 

Regardless of skill, bring proper provisions and equipment to stay safe for the journey. Just make sure to go when there isn’t any fog or rainy weather since this hike is not for the faint of heart. 

Learn To Throw Axes and Tomahawks

If your trip to Scotland brings you to the Scottish Borders, we can’t recommend the Roxburghe Shooting School enough. 

Learning to use traditional Scottish tomahawks and axes will bring out the inner warrior in anyone. Apart from experiencing this one-of-a-kind activity, you’ll have a great story to share with friends back home.

When you’ve finished hurling axes into the ground, nearby trees, and occasionally the target, you’ll need some refreshments. 

Thankfully, the Roxburghe Hotel offers modern conveniences that Scottish warriors of old were sadly lacking. Why not take this opportunity to explore traditional Scottish dishes?

Race Down Mountain Biking Trials 

Scotland’s landscapes create a playground for mountain bikers of all skill levels. From gentle slopes to forest trails, there’s always something new to take in as you speed past. 

If that sounds appealing, then head to any of the trail centers throughout the country. You’ll wish you had a mountain in place of the local pool back home.

If you couldn’t quite fit your bicycle into your suitcase between the socks and underwear, you’re not out of luck. Most trail centers offer a bike hire service of their own, and locally-owned businesses supplement any that don’t.

Participate In The Islay Whisky Festival

If the first thing you think of when Scotland comes up is whisky, we have the destination for you! The Islay Whisky Festival in the Inner Hebrides is an annual, week-long celebration of Scotland’s favorite beverage. 

The festival includes music, classes, workshops, and of course, a whole lot of whisky! The island is home to eight different distilleries, which each host a day’s worth of activities during the week.

While the festival is terrific, the island itself is also breathtaking. The location makes the whole thing even more memorable. Book for workshops well in advance, unless your favorite attraction at a theme park is looking at the rides.

Feel The Magic At Balloch Park Fairy Trail

If you didn’t catch Nessie during visiting hours, you need something to fill the ‘magical creature’ hole in your heart. Luckily, West Dunbartonshire is home to the genuinely magical Balloch Park Fairy Trail.

The trail sports fairy houses and other ethereal decorations created to breathe new life into old or diseased tree trunks. All of these stunning works of art are the work of a single tree surgeon/forest wizard named Patrick Muir.

With some of the carvings being more hidden than others, it’s easy to turn the trail into a treasure hunt of sorts.

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