REVEALED! 6 Tips For Eating Healthy Abroad

I say use traveling as an excuse to eat healthy and not stray away from your goals.

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Staying healthy is a constant challenge for most people. Between working and having a lively social life, worrying about diet is the last thing anyone wants to do! Starting the New Year gave us all the chance to promise ourselves to stick to that diet and exercise plan. Though we mean well, when push comes to shove, staying away from tempting treats and getting out of bed before the sun is not always ideal.

To make matters worse, we are travel junkies who rarely have a set schedule. This amazing, flexible life allows us to see the world and embrace other cultures. However, it has not typically been a key for those looking to maintain a specific diet.

I say use traveling as an excuse to eat healthy and not stray away from your goals. Use these tips to make your next trip an emotionally, culturally, and physically healthy one!

Veg Out

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Few things surpass a fresh, crisp salad made with local grown veggies. While adventuring in a new land, take advantage of the local  vegetables. Do your research on the best local veggies and get your hands on some as often as possible. You’ll get to nom on the town’s best, while keeping your body happy.

Drink Like A Fish

While I fully support trying out the local alcoholic drinks of your newest destination, crisp and clean H­2O needs to be on your beverage list! Staying hydrated while traveling will help you fight off the hardships of jetlag and plane flights, while keeping your body fresh and strong. Get your drinking on to stay the course of a healthy diet!

Traditional Eats

A heaping serving of pasta may not exactly seem friendly for a calorie-counter, but it’s perfect when the ingredients are fresh. I’ve had sushi in Spain and tacos in London, but nothing is tastier and make more authentically than a nations traditional cuisine.

Sweet Fruit Tooth

Fresh baked goods are a weakness for me. Chocolate croissants basically beg me to eat them. It’s torture! How do I turn away these tasty treats? I consciously go for a ripe local fruit instead. While living in Spain I have become addicted to the locally grown oranges, mangos, and kiwis. They give me the sweetness I crave while keeping the calories away!

Let Your Stomach Catch Up

American restaurants are notorious for serving food in more-than-generous serving sizes. While traveling, you may realize that not many places expect you to gorge your body your body weight at each meal. Therefore, don’t over order! After a normal-sized meal, let your body soak in the foreign goodness and not overstuff your belly.

Simplify Your Coffee Order

When ordering a cup of java, get just that! Sticking with the classic milk and sugar cuts loads of calories and actually lets you taste the coffee. What a concept right? Spanish coffee has changed my standards somewhat, and has reminded me that a great cup doesn’t need to be a vanilla, mocha, light, skim, double, drip craziness! Keep it simple people. Also, when at a foreign Starbucks make sure to pronounce your name. Taylor or Teiloi?

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Taylor Dodson

Originally from southern California, Taylor's favorite country to travel to is England. When she visits somewhere new, her experiences have to fill all five senses, she wants to embrace it all.

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