6 Major Signs To Know Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Cybercriminals are constantly improving their techniques — the probability that you will notice an unconventional infection increases. Hackers can also deactivate your mobile phone remotely. 

Your phone has been hacked
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Therefore, you must constantly stay one step ahead. Fortunately, there are telling features of a hacked phone. These signs can help you determine whether you’ve been hacked. Let’s look at some of the most common signs of phone hacking. 

Sign #1 – Frequent Pop-ups

To make yourself well aware of how to know if your phone is hacked, you must notice if your phone screen is flooded with a bunch of pop-up ads. This way, you could be aware of your phone being infected with adware. 

Sometimes, the problem can persist, even when you have ad-blocking on. This could be a sign of a possible problem with hacking. Avoid any circumstances where you might click on or open these pop-ups. They might get you in more trouble.

Sign #2 – Unrecognized Messages or Calls

The unknown numbers from which messages you are receiving indicate the data breach. You’ve been targeted. Don’t pick up unknown calls unless you have a good reason or you’re sure they’re legitimate.

An iPhone or Android smartphone that has been hacked can send messages to all the contacts it has. If the number of a person you know has been hacked, then there is a chance that your number will be the next victim. Look at the call log for any unusual activities, and if you see a number you do not know, block it as spam and report it.

Sign #3 – Maximum Data Usage

If someone has attempted to hack into your phone, and your data usage has increased without a change to your usual activities, then you may be a victim of a phone hack. 

A malicious app running in the background may use noticeably too much mobile data. Take a look at the list of your apps and delete everything that looks suspicious.

Sign #4 – High battery drainage

Have you noticed a constant battery charging these days? Do you find yourself reading the battery indicator on your device and seeing that it’s draining rapidly compared to previous times? Your phone could just be old or have more than just a battery problem. 

Any malicious app that gets installed on your phone via hacking or other means can take over your phone’s resources and cause it to lose power quickly.

Sign #5 – Heated Up Phone

is your cellphone (iPhone or Android) getting red hot, and does it tend to stay hot even after you are not using it? Similarly, using the devices for longer periods — particularly when you’re watching or playing for an extended period — can make the phone too hot.

However, if the case doesn’t apply and your phone still feels too hot, malware may be making it warm by forcing it to overheat.

Sign #6 – Make Changes to Your Phone Settings

Another symptom is when you come across unusual changes or even new settings on your device. If you see that your camera or microphone permissions requested by cameras have been changed, it can be a sign of hackers that want to check your actions. 

When your phone’s privacy policy relevant settings are changed, or the passwords are changed, it alerts you that something looks suspicious and that your phone has been hacked.

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