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Are you unsure about what to buy the travel junkie in your life?

Travel Leather Valerie Wilson camera case
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I’m not surprised, we’re a difficult bunch to shop for. Chances are, we don’t really want material possessions, most of us travelers would rather have the cash to spend on our next adventure. However, cash is pretty much a thoughtless gift, isn’t it?

Luckily, I have come across some really great products for travelers to honor the places they traveled to and will go, or to make the next trip even better.

1. GoPro Camera Case by Travler Leather

This camera case for GoPro’s by Travler Leather is a real head-turner. Often, I find myself not wanting to carry my cumbersome Nikon around when I want my picture taking to be a little more under the radar. This camera case adds an entirely new functionality to the GoPro because you will now be able to use the GoPro in everyday life as opposed to only when participating in more extreme activities. It looks stylish, works well and is made with quality, locally sourced genuine leather. Additionally it’s pretty simple to get your GoPro in and out of, so if you need to put the waterproof housing back on, it will only take a few seconds.

2. Girly Go Garter

I am absolutely in love with this product, as it is an excellent way to outsmart pickpockets and keep important items close to you at all times.

The Girly Go Garter is essentially a garter belt with pockets to stash all of your stuff. I love the quality of this product. It is made from strong materials, and has comfortable grips on the inside for keep from sliding off your leg or moving around. I have even taken mine out for a run and a hike without it moving around. Additionally, they say it can easily hold up to 3 pounds worth of your stuff. (Thats a lot of stuff!) The Girly Go Garter can be used as a replacement for a purse or used in addition to one. For 10% off your purchase you can use the promo code TRUSTEDTRAVELGIRL at checkout.

Girly Girl Garter Valerie Wilson

3. Vintage Quotation Map

These one of a kind vintage maps are amazing gifts for travel junkies. The more you travel, the more you tend to appreciate maps and globes. The MapsToGo shop on Etsy is packed with countless choices of rare maps, and you can mix and match maps with any of the quotes. When mine arrived, I raced over to my local framer because I was so excited to have the finished product. Instead of using the suggested quotes, I chose to have one of my favorite travel quotes printed at the bottom “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world”.  Any item from MapsToGo is sure to be a one-of-a-kind gift, and once framed it will be loved and appreciated for years to come. Maps To Go Shop
Photo: Etsy

4. Lily Camera

As an avid traveler and experience junkie, I absolutely love my GoPro. The GoPro is an excellent piece of equipment that can withstand just about anything. However there is one problem. Unless you want to hike, bike, dive or ski one handed with a selfie stick, it can be challenging to find a way to get video of yourself doing these actual activities. I often travel solo, so most of my videos turn out to be from my point of view of whatever activity I’m doing, rather than of me being the subject. That’s great and all, but sometimes I want a video or picture of myself doing these activities. The solution? The new Lily Camera. Lily is a drone camera that will track and follow it’s user with no controller required, keep it’s user in frame at all times!

Unfortunately, Lily is still only available for pre-order and will be released in summer 2016. This means if you are going to order Lily as a gift, you will have to be like one of my lazy ex-boyfriends that bought all of my birthday and Christmas presents too late and you will have to print out a picture of the item (as the placeholder for the gift) until Lily is available to ship. I ordered mine in May and I won’t receive it until February. Current orders will ship in August. Personally, I think it is well worth the wait.

5. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

I have been a huge fan of Bose Quiet Comfort headphones for over 10 years. I will not fly without them. Those obnoxious noisy passengers and crying babies literally fade into the distance with the click of a button. Bose now makes an ear-bud option as well as the traditional over-the-ear headset. These headphones change everything, your music has never sounded so good, and even if you choose not to turn on your iPod, the background noise still will dissipate. Additionally when yo are ready for a new pair, Bose has a pretty generous upgrade program that allows you to trade up to a newer set and will take good care of you should anything break. If there is anything I like more than an incredible product, it is excellent customer service.

6. Pro Flex GoPro case by GoScope

I had been looking high and low for a good case for my GoPro. I’ve seen some zip-up boxes and Pelican-cases, although they are well organized and sturdy, they make the GoPro far too bulky for convenient packing. Isn’t part of the point of the GoPro is its small easy-to-travel-with size? While searching for a GoPro case, I reach out to a photographer friend that often uses GoPro and his only suggestion was to use a ziplock. After searching for quite awhile, I came across the Pro Flex case by GoScope. This seemingly has it all, including a water resistant outer layer. The Pro Flex case can store up to two GoPro’s, and has room for extra lenses or the floaty. It comes with pockets of all sizes to store mounts, wires and other accessories. It also features a zippered mesh pocket to old SD cards, a hook to hand the entire case vertically and a place for everyone’s favorite accessory – the selfie stick. Because the GoPro itself is basically crush proof, there is’t a strong need for a bulky pelican case unless entering extreme conditions. The Pro Flex case is suitable for almost all GoPro users, and is truly a space and time saver.

Go-Scope Go Pro camera bag

Go-Scope GoPro camera bag interior
Photos: Go-Scope



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