6 Cool Destinations To Visit In 2024

New Year isn’t far away, which, if you’re like many keen travelers, means you’ll already be planning your next trip (or trips.)

Destinations to Visit in 2024
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There’s nothing like looking to the year ahead and knowing you’ll be jetting off to at least one warm and wonderful place, soaking up the culture and ticking another destination off your bucket list. Below is a look at some of the most interesting places to visit in 2024 and some of the attractions and other reasons that should twist your arm into booking that flight there.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, in Nevada, United States, is the place to go if you like glitz, glam and, of course, casinos. If you’re an online casino lover, you should visit Las Vegas at least once and experience the excitement and the luxury of gaming in a real Vegas casino. Even if you’re not though, Las Vegas is still massively worth a visit. Besides the casinos, you can catch an event at the Sphere, a new venue that offers immersive shows, concerts and other events and is not far from Vegas. You can also take a tour of the Grand Canyon from Vegas and experience the beauty of this awesome landmark.

Utter Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, is the most populous state in the country and is a must-visit destination because there you’ll find Agra, the western Uttar Pradesh city famous as the location of the Taj Mahal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was completed between 1631 and 1648 and is believed to have required around 20,000 stone carvers, masons and artists from across India and as far as Iraq and Turkey to build.


Singapore is a city and state sitting off the tip of the Malay Peninsula, in southeastern Asia, and is clean, well-planned and entertaining. One of the nicest activities you can do here if you like exploring is visit the Rifle Range Nature Park, which comprises 66 hectares and sits south of Bukit Tima Nature Reserve. The park accommodates both human visitors and wildlife with boardwalks and animal crossings. Highlights of the park include the Quarry Wetland and, for a bird’s eye view of the park, the Coluga Deck.

New York

It’s hard to call yourself a traveler and not visit New York at some point in your life. In fact, there are so many attractions to see and visit you may find yourself coming back several times. The copper-green Statue of Liberty casts its shadow over the neighboring Ellis Island and is a must-visit landmark. Then there’s the imposing Empire State Building, which gives you an incredible view of New York and photos ideal for any Instagram account (84th floor from the outside or, if you want to go even higher, from the 102nd floor observatory inside). If you’re looking for a little culture, the Museum of Modern Art will do the job perfectly, and if you just want to relax and take it easy, Central Park is a fabulous place to do just that.


The cool Oslo is the capital of Norway and sits at the head of the beautiful Oslo Fjord, in southeast Norway. In summertime, you’ll see lots of boats on the water, and the islands located in the inner fjord are a lovely venue for swimming, picnics and hiking. It takes just a few minutes to reach the main island, Hovedøya, by ferry, and if you buy a day pass, which is relatively cheap, you can hop from island to island.

While in Oslo, you might wish to the city’s iconic opera house. The building resembles a glacier rising out of the Oslo Fjord and, in many ways, was also the start of a regeneration of Oslo and its waterfront. The Harbor Promenade itself is around 9 kilometers long, if you fancy a stroll, and is an excellent way to see a little more of Oslo.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, in Campania, on the southwestern shore of Italy is simply beautiful. The seawater on the coast is clear and invigorating, and the food served on the coast is delightfully delicious. The town of Sorrento is one of the main highlights of any visit to the Amalfi Coast. It’s extremely popular, as you can imagine, however, so if you want to get away from crowds in Sorrento and if you can access the location, the Baths of the Queen Giovanna are a beautiful beach spot for soaking up the sun in peace. Other places you might like to visit on the Amalfi Coast include Ravello, where you can enjoy some stellar views, and the island of Capri.

The world is packed with fascinating destinations to visit. If none of the above pique your interest, you may wish to try Chicago, in the US; London, in England, United Kingdom; or Paris, or Monaco.

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