5 Upgrade Hacks To First Class

Spending a fortune on first class tickets may be how some people travel.

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Getting upgraded to first class, however, is an easier task than you imagined. Here are a few ways to get bottomless champagne, bigger seats, and way better plane food.

1. Be a part of the loyalty program.

There are plenty of airlines that offer credit cards which essentially means you’re a part of the airline’s loyalty program. Using the credit card often encourages you to fly with the airline repeatedly. With enough time, you’ll automatically be first in line for any available upgrades since your electronic records will show a consistent relationship with the airline.

2. Good attitude, good karma!

It’s a tough and thankless job being a flight attendant. Respond well at check-in, ask the crew how he/she is doing, even without the expectation of being upgraded. At times, it can just bring you up a class if there are any openings. Good karma doesn’t happen to travelers with bad attitudes.

Help out a fellow passenger, for example, a mother traveling with multiple children or an elder who is stuck to a seat next to the toilets. Flight attendants may notice your good doing and provide an upgrade as a reward.

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3. Don’t underestimate a delayed flight.

When you’re frustrated during a missed connection, an overbooked or a delayed flight; don’t show your frustration just yet. In these cases, airlines may just offer an upgrade to make up for their mistakes. So chill out and explain your situation calmly, the airline may surprise you in a very good way.

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4. Stick to casual chic dress code.

If you want to get bumped up to first class at free of charge, appearance matters. Sweat pants, flip-flops aren’t going to get you in business or first class. Dress smartly. You can be casual but chic.

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5. Honeymooners can show your love, but not too much.

Too much PDA at the airport isn’t typically welcomed, but a cute kiss on the lips or cheeks to show the flight attendant that you’re on your honeymoon may get you moved up a class.

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