5 Things To Do Late At Night In Greece

Greece and Greek mythology are hard-wired into us at an early age. We have a natural affinity with the country that brought us legends such as Zeus, Cronus and Oedipus.

Things to do late at night in Greece
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The Greeks also invented much of our modern Western civilisation. We have the Greeks to thank for democracy, philosophy and the modern alphabet, they were pioneers in science, art and architecture.

This gives Greece a unique history, one that can be traced back to Stone Age hunters. For many tourists, exploring this aspect of the country is the reason they visit.

But then there are those that just want to party…

Greece has been a renowned holiday destination for centuries (Lord Byron famously swam the Hellespont over 200 years ago) where the sun always shines all summer. And Greece isn’t just located on the mainland, there are 119 inhabited islands to explore too.

This means that party-goers are spoilt for choice, so much so that we’re going to forget all the day stuff and even skip the early evening. Here we going to focus solely on Greece after the sun has gone down and the history buffs (well, most of them…) are dreaming about sacred temples.

1. Hit a Casino in Greece

Greece is home to eight casinos spread over the mainland and on the islands of Rhodes, Syros and Corfu. And while we don’t instantly associate Greece with gambling the night away, there are some spectacular venues in which to cash in your chips.

All the classic games are available -roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker- and you have a variety of establishments in which to play. The most luxurious is arguably the Casino Thessaloniki, the largest Club Casino in Loutraki, it features over 730 slot machines, while they aren’t as engaging as the video slots you can find here, the surroundings are special so don’t expect to wander in with your beachwear.

The dress code for all casinos is, at the very least, smart casual, with some requiring more formal attire. Or. If you can’t be bothered with any of that, just sack the lot off and go to

2. VIP Nightclubbing

Some of the best clubs in Greece are in Santorini, located in one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. You’ll need to plan ahead if you’re staying in Athens (it’s a five-hour ferry trip) but you won’t regret it.

And for about 65 Euros you can hire a private tour of the best nightspots on the island, one that ensures a pre-booked VIP lounge awaiting in each one. Most operators will throw in a free drink or two, but the best part is that you’ll be driven to each club so you don’t even have to walk (stagger) in between each venue!

3. Athens Bar Hopping Tour

If you don’t want to make the ferry crossing, or you don’t fancy having to deal with house music all night long, why not hit some bars? The Original Athens Pub Crawl at under 20 Euros is one of the best -though others are available- and it’s a bargain.

You get to visit three bars (away from overpriced touristy establishments, it says here) and the opportunity to drink unlimited quantities of beer in one and sangria in the other. There are discounts and deals on other drinks and the skip-the-line entry is free too.

Obviously, we don’t advise drinking to excess, it’s not nice for anyone -especially you- but if you promise to behave, check it out. Just remember the aspirin…

4. Night Sightseeing with Food and Drinks Tasting

Don’t just get smashed, a more cultured version of the above features a selection of Greece’s world-famous cuisine with your drink. It’s about 82 Euros for as many as twelve and you’ll be shown the best of Greece’s larder from the traditional to the modern.

This is a very popular tour so try and book in advance.

5. E-Bike Night Ride

The word ‘e-Bike’ can cause a variety of reactions. Many consider them a cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly way of getting around town.

Others go purple with rage at the injustice of having their pavements invaded by a former child’s toy turned stealth weapon. But everyone can agree, that hiring one to visit Athens at night is totally cool.

And cool literally, Athens gets into the high 30s during the day, so the chance to see this beautiful city when it’s not an inferno is highly appealing. For about 35 Euros, as many as six of you will be effortlessly shown the sights by an experienced guide as you all glide about town.

We’ve barely scratched the surface with these five late night treats, but there should be something for everyone here. Even the older history-centric traveller might appreciate being ferried around on one of those new-fangled electronic scooters.

Who know, they might even enjoy it.

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