Forget That Shot Glass! 5 Alternative Spring Breaks

I’ve always been a big fan of alternative spring breaks.

spring break
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This has mainly been because I was either too broke or homesick (both from traveling at other times of the year) to coordinate a classic college spring break. This has forced me to come up with some coping mechanisms for when my Facebook newsfeed starts to overflow with pictures of my friends’ tropical vacations. Here I’ll share with you my top alternative spring breaks:

1. Camping

Hopefully, at least one of your friends is in the same boat as you. Pack up your sleeping bags, cozy clothes, favorite snacks and take off for a few days. Make sure to bring supplies for unlimited s’mores!

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2. Find the tourists of your town

Follow them and see what they’re up to. Try to understand why someone would view wherever you are as a destination and then do all of the tourist activities you’ve never done.

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3. Read for Fun

No, it doesn’t have to be a literary classic (but props to you if that’s the case). I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I can re-read Harry Potter and the Hunger Games – pick a spot (café, park or nook) and read to your heart’s content.

4. Road Trip

Obviously this theme has been on my mind since I’ve included road trip ideas in most of my recent articles, but it is a great last resort for adventure. Just pick a direction (make sure you have money and some sort of map) and drive!

5. Netflix Marathon

If all else fails, spend some quality time with Netflix. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, LOST, One Tree Hill… whatever your binge is, this is a prime opportunity to get your fill without any guilt.

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Instead of trying to live vicariously through Facebook and Instagram pictures of places is wish you were, embrace wherever you are and have a great break!

Lizzy Monroe

Originally from Eugene, OR, Lizzy graduated from Stanford University. She's a coffee & street market enthusiast, her travel style involves planning ahead but never hesitating to improvise. Her favorite country is South Africa, she never travels without her Swiss Army Knife - mostly because of the hidden pen, tweezers and corkscrew.

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