4 Travel Methods: Their Benefits & Drawbacks

Traveling is good, as many mental health professionals will tell you. It lets you see more of the country and the world, and in doing so, you learn more about yourself and other people. You always find out who you are by comparing your lifestyle with that of others.

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There are also plenty of different ways to travel, and each one has some notable drawbacks and benefits. We’ll discuss a few of those methods now. If you plan on doing some traveling in 2021, you should think about which one of these sounds most appealing.

Travel by Car

The Great American Road Trip is almost a rite of passage. You hop in your car and cruise around the country, seeing the roadside sights and eating at cafes and diners. You can meet some truckers and other salt-of-the-earth types.

What’s nice about taking your car on a road trip is that you can go along as fast or slow as you like and pull over whenever you get the urge. You can listen to the radio as loud as you please and play whatever music you want. You can listen to a podcast, eat a pastrami sandwich and not irritate the people around you with the smell, or you can pull over and have a spur-of-the-moment picnic.

Car accidents are the biggest possible drawback. They happen every day all over America, so you need to obey all traffic laws to try to avoid them. The NHTSA says rear-end collisions are the most common, so make sure not to tailgate the cars ahead of you when you’re on the highway.

Travel By RV

If you can afford an RV, you might travel around in it, or you can even live in it in a pinch. There are RVs that you can get with incredibly elaborate interiors. There are some with kitchens and dining areas that are better than what you find in the average New York City apartment.

Most RVs even have bathrooms in them, so you don’t need to find a rest area when you need to go. You can fit the whole family in one of these huge vehicles, and camping is a breeze. You can plot out likely spots to stop and have a well-stocked pantry for a hot dog roast.

The one issue is that some people don’t like driving vehicles this size. Because they are so gigantic, you have to be a confident driver to maneuver one. If you’re not the most skillful driver, this method will not be for you.

Travel by Plane

Some people don’t feel ready to travel by plane because of the pandemic. Still, many families are getting their vaccines these days, and it should not be too much longer before most individuals are okay booking a flight again. The airline industry will certainly be happy to hear that.

Plane travel is not as luxurious as it once was if you travel in coach. You don’t get much legroom, and if you’re a taller or heavier individual, it’s not going to be too comfortable for you.

Still, if you spring for first class, you can travel in style. Most first-class seats come with all the liquor you can drink, so you can pound a few vodka cranberries on the way to visit the relatives. You can also get to where you’re going much faster than with any other method.

Travel by Motorcycle

Motorcycle travel is one method about which some people never even think. That’s because they never learned how to ride, or they feel like it is too dangerous.

Anyone who thinks that isn’t wrong. With motorcycles, you don’t have the padding around you that you get with a car or truck. Without that protective shell, the road flies by underneath you, and if a vehicle nudges you, you’re going to get up close and personal with it.

You can mitigate the danger with a helmet to some extent if the motorcycle injury and death stats worry you. Also, there’s nothing like motorcycle travel, especially during the summer or in the fall when the leaves are changing.

You feel free, and it’s more exhilarating than virtually any other travel method. You can also ride with friends and zoom along as a posse. You can rekindle friendships this way or make some new ones.

Consider which of these travel methods most appeals to you, and start planning out your trip now that the weather is warming up.

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