3 Things To Know Before Travelling To Norway

Coastal fjords and encompassing mountains have long attracted travellers to Norway, one of the fastest-developing countries with deep Scandinavian roots.

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One Internet search will tell travellers where they should eat and drink and which attractions in Norway they should see. Knowing ahead of time what you want to do can make or break a trip. However, with the boom in the influencer industry and nearly 50% of Instagram users relying on photos to choose their next travel destination, people tend to focus more on planning the perfect snapshot than researching the country itself. So, if you’re planning on travelling to Norway soon and would like to catch up with some culture, here are three unique things to know about the country’s culture and people.

English is Widely Spoken In Norway

Travelling to a foreign country can be nerve-racking, especially if you don’t speak the language. Luckily, the majority of Norwegians speak English. Both English and the Scandinavian languages — Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian — are Germanic languages, and like English, Norwegian sentence structure is subject-verb-object based. Norway is famous for its publicly funded school system, which starts teaching English to students during their primary years. It’s not just that Norwegians are good at speaking English, either. Many words in the English language have Norwegian origin, including ski and fjord.

Norwegians Take Their Betting Seriously

Norwegians are serious about many things, including their salmon, which is considered some of the best in the world. Yet, in recent years, betting is something that they have also really taken to. According to ToppCasinoBonus, in addition to live casino games, Norwegians enjoy betting on soccer odds, e-sports, and even the Melodi Grand Prix. Many online casinos offer Norwegian players deposit bonuses, free spins with no wagering requirements, and loyalty programs, adding to the unique position the Scandinavian country is in when it comes to online gambling. So, if you are looking to join in on some local entertainment, betting on sports is a great starting point.

Taco Fridays Are a Modern Tradition in Norway

If anything competes with online gambling for the attention of Norwegians, it’s tacos. When travelling through Norway, tacos might not be what you expect to see people eating, but you will, especially on a Friday night. In 2012, a VG study found that 8.2% of Norway’s population (400,000 people) eat tacos every Friday. Younger generations even refer to the trend as “fredagstaco,” which translates to “Friday taco.” In the 1990s, tacos were introduced to Norway as a dish with a social element; the country’s love for the quick and easy meal has yet to fade.

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Planning out the locations you want to go to on your trip to Norway is just as important as learning about the people and their culture. There are several interesting facts about the Norwegian people, from their interest in online betting to their love for tacos on a Friday night. Being able to connect personally with the people of the country you’re visiting will make your trip even more special.

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