3 Reasons Why China Needs To Be On Your Travel Bucket List

If you are a fan of history and culture, you will fall in love with this mesmerizing destination.

There was a time when travelers barely looked beyond Europe and Africa when it came to exploring new destinations. The fact that these places had great natural beauty and were developed to encourage tourists made sure that more travelers preferred these destinations to others elsewhere.

Moreover, Asian countries were taken relatively less seriously because of the common perception that they were not as tourist friendly and were too underdeveloped to be able to enjoy a travel experience. Over the years, as media and Internet accessibility increased and younger travelers decided to venture and explore new regions, many up-and-coming destinations emerged as tourist magnets. Moreover, many countries began to realize the significance of tourism to boost the country’s economy.

It goes without saying that one of the significant countries to have emerged from the 21st century is China. Plagued by violent and volatile political and economic history, along with a massive population explosion, China has gone through a miraculous transformation and emerged as an unparalleled regional economic power within years.

The Chinese, who have a strong history of affiliation with communist ideologies took liberties to merge with the mainstream economic systems prevalent in the world and chose to focus on strengthening its tourism industry as its secondary sector picked up.

As the travel season is at its peak, here are three reasons why China should be on your 2018 travel bucket list!

1. Experience China’s Rich History And Culture

If you are a fan of history and culture, you will fall in love with this mesmerizing destination. From the Great Wall of China to the fascinating history of Mongolians, to the beautiful Chinese monasteries and temples, China has a lot to offer. China has a truly vibrant culture given its breadth of ethnic diversity. The country’s history dates back millennia to ancient Chinese civilizations; a trip here will take you back in time, get ready to get up close and personal with the country’s rich history of literature, architecture, art and poetry.

2. Huge Investment In Modern Developments

Although Chinese people have been known to stay actively connected to their cultural and historical roots, the country has also shown rapid progress and has embraced modern systems. China has not only embraced technology but has also excelled in developing advanced, innovative solutions such as sophisticated commuting options, shopping areas, theme parks and much more.

Today, most Chinese urban centers are at par with any other city in the developed world regarding modern development and technological advancements, which makes it yet another reason why the country has been attracting many tourists from around the world.

3. China Has Easy Visa Policies

China has easy visa policies for many western countries. Travelers can apply for any visa that they prefer through a simple online system. The visa requirements for a Chinese visa are as follows: a completed visa application form, passport size photographs, passport, proof of return air tickets and hotel bookings. For a stress-free experience, click here to apply for a Chinese visa online without any hassle.

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