3 Fail-Proof Tips For Painless Packing

Going somewhere? Here are three painless packing tips you need to know before you toss up your out of office message and bid adieu to your hometown.

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The only thing that should be fully loaded on any vacation is your itinerary. No one likes dragging around an over packed suitcase, one that’s busting at the seams and one zipper dilemma away from a total disaster. The key thing to remember whenever you are traveling is to focus on the basics first. Only bring items you can mix and match, such as a denim button down to pair with your favorite shorts and flips or to toss under a striped cotton dress with espadrilles for a more polished look. Work to plan your outfits in advance to avoid tossing that bulky extra pair of jeans or chunky wedges that will just take up space in your suitcase.


There is a method to the packing process’s madness. With the fit, fold, or roll method, you can best utilize space and make packing a breeze! Here’s how to decipher when you need to fit, fold, or roll your clothes, shoes and accessories:

Fit – Shoes should be fit against the walls and bottom of your suitcase. Socks should be fit inside shoes so as to not take up additional space. Fit curling irons and straighteners along the top inside wall beneath the handle of the suitcase to ensure your hot tools are protected. Finally, fit undergarments flat in the mesh zip pockets inside the lid.

Fold – Fold small items, such as tanks, leggings, and your everyday t’s. These items are small enough where folding them does not result in any added bulk.

Roll – This one’s easy…simply roll everything else! Rolling is the most space effective option, and better yet, it prevents wrinkles and creases in your clothes!


It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to travel essentials. Therefore, the following items should be packed in both your suitcase and your carry-on bag:

  • Cell phone and/or tablet charger
  • Laptop power cord
  • Toothbrush
  • Contact case and solution
  • Feminine products
  • Medicine, if needed

This way, you know you’ll be prepared upon arrival, even if something gets lost or damaged along the way.

Packing like a pro requires practice, but these three painless quick tips will help you kiss your packing woes goodbye! Muah!

Bree Formentini

Bree is in love with Panama. Her travel style is all about keeping things fun, adventurous and she loves trying local foods. She's never without her oversized sunnies and monogrammed carry-all tote - perfect for easy access to her camera.

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