Have A Plus One: 18 Reasons To Have A Travel Buddy

There are universal truths that a travel buddy knows and experiences when exploring a new location.

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Whether you are living in a new place for months or taking a weekend getaway, have a travel companion is a must. Sharing travel explorations with a friend can make your experiences that much more memorable and meaningful. There are universal truths that a travel buddy knows and experiences when exploring a new location.

1. Inside Jokes

Nothing has made me laugh more than remembering old jokes with old friends,  and then making new jokes with new friends! Having a travel friend guarantees hilarity at its best.

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2. Outfit Check

It’s never bad to do a double take! Everyone needs to travel with a good friend who will tell you straight up if you need to change those threads.

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3. Safety

Girls and guys alike should not trek around without the safety of a companion. Particularly in a different country or big city, do not get caught alone!

4. Luggage Space

Personally, I stuff my suitcase until it’s about to burst. So having someone to stuff a new pair of shoes into her bag is amazingly helpful!

5. Drinking Buddy

Sometimes dinner does not taste as good without a few cocktails or glasses of wine. Splitting a meal with someone who agrees makes it that much more delicious!

6. Wing-Person

During a night out on the town, having back up is necessary. A buddy will give you that boost to chat up the cutie across the bar!

7. Protection from Creepers

In the complete opposite situation as above, a friend will always help keep the creeps away. When it’s girls’ night, you are there for each other and no one else!

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8. No Language Barrier

Learning a new language has tons of perks while abroad. However there is no substitute for fully understanding a convo in your native tongue.

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9. Navigation New Lands

How many people does it take to read Google Maps? It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes on map or helping looking up directions.

10. Second Closet

Forgot to bring that one sweater or that essential pair of shorts? Have no fear, your traveller remembered both! With a friend, you get twice the options.

11. Goodbye Comfort Zone

Roaming with a friend will mean you see some things the same way. But sometimes you may want to do different things. Make room in your schedule for both and see do something you normally wouldn’t!

12. Personal Banker

Funds are running low and you may have to make decisions with big financial repercussions abroad.  A travel buddy knows your plans and can aid in every financial crisis.

13. Shopping Consultant

You find yourself choosing between two classic leather goods; a jacket or shoes? Having a companion while you travel will aid in all of your monumental wardrobe decisions.

14. Shoulder to Cry On

I have found this to be most important on longer journeys. When you’re missing home or just having a hard day, you will always have a shoulder to cry on and make it all ok.

15. Teamwork

One of you can look up flights and the other hotels. You can save seats while the other orders drinks. So much more is accomplished with a travel buddy!

16. Home Memories

If traveling with a friend from home, you will always have that person to reminisce with. A California native, I am always missing In N Out and authentic Mexican food!

17. #Selfie

Hold up, let’s take a selfie! With a buddy, you can limit your selfie obsession by taking pics of each other. Or you can have double the fun with selfies of you both!

17. Let Me Take a #Selfie - personal

18. That Special Something

Once you return from your traveling adventures, you and travel companion will have shared experiences that you share with no one else. Everything from the random convo’s to crazy food trials will be only yours to keep.

18. Bonding - personal
Via themoviejudge.wordpress.com


Taylor Dodson

Originally from southern California, Taylor's favorite country to travel to is England. When she visits somewhere new, her experiences have to fill all five senses, she wants to embrace it all.

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