10 Rules Of Private Jet-iquette: Tips For Your First Private Jet Trip

Most people do not realise that there are rules.

private jet trip

When you are flying on a private jet for the first time, it is very easy to sabotage your trip before it even begins. Most people do not realise that there are rules (not many) to adhere to, even on the most luxurious travelling experience.

This article will discuss the ten most important tips for flying on a private jet. These rules will guarantee you impress the charter company, protect the safety of everyone on board, and also keep your reputation intact.

1. Book early

Private jets provide incredible flexibility. They can be booked at a moment’s notice and will take you anywhere in the world. But to ensure you actually get on the private jet in the first place, you need to book in advance.

Many guests try to book a flight on the day and expect a jet plane to always be available. This is not the case. Late booking might leave you disappointed, which could then lead to displeasure with the charter company. But just as booking a plane ticket late might leave you without a seat, so will booking too late.

2. Adhere to luggage regulations

private jet trip

A surprise many people don’t expect when flying on a private jet is having luggage restrictions. As with all flights anywhere in the world (including Air Force One), there are weight restrictions.

Luggage restrictions are an absolute rule you cannot negotiate or work your way around, and to do so would be to endanger the lives of everyone on board.

3. Arrive on time

After booking, it is important to arrive on time. However, private jets do not run a tight timetable like commercial flights, so there is a lot of wiggle room.

If you are running late, simply call ahead of time to inform them of the delay. Charter companies understand that mainly busy people use private jets, and work schedules can be unpredictable. Letting them know of any changes is just good manners.

4. Be polite to the host

Speaking of manners, nothing beats common courtesy. The pilots, cabin crew and other staff of private jets deliver the highest standard of service in the industry and should be appreciated.

Common courtesy works wonders whether you are 30,000 feet in the air or in your basement. And who knows, the crew might be so taken by your charm they might treat you to a few luxuries off the menu.

5. Dress appropriately 

private jet trip

When you arrive at your private jet plane charter, it is important you come dressed in a way that leaves people in awe, not in shock. Yes, private jets are your private domain and you are free to push the boundaries, but bear in mind that your destination may have its own regulations.

If you are coming as a guest, however, be even more selective. If you don’t know what to wear on your trip, you can always use the recommendations of a celebrity stylist and personal shopper.

6. Don’t show up tipsy

The jet setting lifestyle comes with a lot of perks, one of which is that you can bring your own alcohol on board. But the one thing you must avoid is showing up already tipsy. You probably won’t be denied entry, but it does leave a stain on your record.

7. Sit where you were assigned

private jet trip

Technically, you do not have an assigned seat, but when you are travelling with other people, you are expected to remain in the first seat you choose and not hop about from chair to chair, trying to find the perfect spot.

If you are a guest, the owner of the jet or the person who booked it should pick first. After that, you may select any seat you want for the duration of the flight.

8. Order anything you want within reason

When you book your flight, you will be asked to choose your meals and drinks. Once you have made your selection, it is unlikely the jet will stock things you did not request. Trying to order beluga caviar in the air when you did not ask for it would be in vain.

Other orders you should not place include asking the crew to perform personal favours and telling the pilots to forge through bad weather or divert the plane mid-flight.

9. Bring your ID

Always travel with identification. Private airports still require you to show proof of who you are. If you are flying out of the country, bring along your international passport. When flying locally, other forms of ID like your driver’s license will suffice.

10. Don’t forget to tip

Last but not least, you are expected to tip the pilot(s) and cabin crew. This might sound outrageous given the amount of money you spent to book the flight. But just as you would tip at a fancy hotel or restaurant, so should you on a private jet. This is not an absolute rule, but it does curry your favours with the team ahead of your next flight.

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