All You Need To Know About Watching The Royal Wedding


Tomorrow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be tying the knot in the biggest wedding of the year. With just hours to go before the big day, we’ve laid out all the details on how you can watch the royal wedding, wherever and however you choose.

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Royal Wedding Start Time

The royal wedding will take place this Saturday, May 19th. It will start at noon London time, which means for those in the U.S. be up and ready by 7 a.m. Eastern Time, 4 a.m. Pacific Time. By 1 p.m. London time, the service will be over and the couple will make their way to the procession.

How To Watch It

For those with cable, basically ever major outlet is expected to air the event so no matter what channel you pick you’ll surely find coverage.

For those without cable, many outlets will be live streaming the wedding, such as BBC, The New York Times, and PeopleTV.

For those who love the pre-wedding and fashion coverage, NBC, CNN and E! will all be hosting some panel of experts in discussions about all the wedding festivities. HBO is having a special hosted by Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon that will definitely be worth tuning into.

Most of the wedding guests will be arriving between 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. London time so that will be the best time to tune in.

If You’re In Windsor

The town of Windsor has set up different viewing areas along the wedding processions route, so if you’re there stake out a spot early to get the best views. Additionally, TV’s are being set up on the Long Walk and in Alexandra Gardens in Windsor which will show live coverage.

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