What Should You REALLY Buy At Airport Duty Free Shops?

Just when you think shopping at airports is indeed a huge bargain, let’s think again. Is it REALY?


In the past, there’s been news regarding duty free retailers not passing on VAT savings to shoppers, we had to take a closer look at which category of items would you really be saving on. Let’s break it down:

Alcohol: Vodka & champagne.

A liter of Absolut Vodka is approximately USD $7 cheaper at duty free shops than at your local grocery store. You won’t be saving much on a bottle of Jack Daniels or Gin. A bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne, however, is worth it since you can save close to USD $10 at the airport.


Chocolates: Think again.

Although Tolberones seem to be a must-buy at airports, they’re not necessarily cheaper than at supermarkets. At times, they might be priced higher at duty free. For a block of Toblerone chocolates, you may spend USD $8.50 at the airport while your local grocery store will sell it at USD $5.70. With other types of boxed chocolates, you may see a similar trend.

Cigarettes: No brainer.

Cigarettes and cigars are clearly cheaper at airports, not that we condone smoking.

Cosmetics: YES.

Popular brands such as Clinique, Clarins are typically at least USD $4 cheaper at airports than at department stores. With more luxurious brands such as: La Mer or Guerlain, you can save more than USD $15 on an item, or even more.

Electronics: Cameras & headphones.

You want to splurge on a digital camera at the airport, which maybe USD $15 cheaper than one sold at an electronic store in the city. A Nikon Coolpix camera is approximately USD $100 at the airport while it’s typically USD $113 or higher in the marketplace. A Beats by Dre Solo headphone is also USD $15 cheaper at airports.

Fragrance: Bang for the buck.

Just like beauty buys, perfumes are fantastic for big savings at duty free where you can easily be saving at least USD $14. No joke. For instance, a bottle of Gucci Bamboo 50ml is priced at USD $92 at department stores, but USD $78 at duty free shops. Try to get larger bottles, you save the most with those!

Sunglasses: Don’t think so!

A pair of designer sunglasses can be found a lot cheaper online than at airport duty free shops. Prada sunglasses, for example, can be USD $247 at the airport meanwhile USD $150 at online stores.



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