What Can You Expect As La Seine Rises & Paris Surges To Flood Alert

Louvre’s lower gallery is closed, while Musée d’Orsay and Orangerie gallery are on high alert.

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The One on The Seine

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If you’ve been in Paris, it’s hard to ignore how flooded La Seine is.

According to BBC, businesses and homes surrounding the most famous river in the world are on high alert.

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Due to weeks of non-stop rain, tour boats aren’t operating and riverside streets are blocked off. Have you entered the Louvre, did you notice the lower gallery has been closed from visitors. Other famous museums, including: Musée d’Orsay and the Orangerie gallery are also on high alert.

During the last century, the City of Lights has only encountered such relentless rain three times. La Seine’s rising water level is typically marked by The Zouave statue on Pont de l’Alma (where Princess Diana’s car crash occurred.) The statue is dedicated to a French solder from the Crimean War. On Saturday, the water was below the solder’s waist, 5.7 meters above the normal level. Only in 1910, had the water reached his neck.

High water levels will most likely continue until next week, so if you’re still in Paris then, don’t expect to go on any river cruise and be aware that certain riverside museums will be closed if necessary.




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