30 Grandmas From Around The World Are NY’s Cultural Dining Sensation


Who doesn’t love a grandmother’s cooking?


Who doesn’t love their grandmother’s cooking? What if everyone’s grandmother got together and cooked in the same restaurant? Check out Enoteca Maria restaurant in New York’s Staten Island brewing the latest cultural dining sensation. Bonus: all the grandmas come from different parts of the world!

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From Ecuador to Czech Republic, more than 30 grandmothers from various countries comprise of a rotating staff. When we travel, don’t we always look for that great home cooked meal in a local neighborhood restaurant? At Enoteca Maria, you can travel the world with your stomach, literally around the globe. Did you ever think you could taste the coziest Syrian dish right near the Big Apple? Probably not.

Jody Scarvella is the owner who explained in a Gothamist video that his restaurant started when he lost his own mother and grandmother. He wants to celebrate diversity and give people a chance to pass down their family traditions:

Seeing an Italian grandmother in the kitchen cooking was my idea of comfort. Every time these ladies are in the kitchen cooking, you have hundreds of years of culture coming out of their fingertips.

Bon appetit to nonnas of the world!

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