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If you mention dream casino destinations to anybody, then chances are that they’ll probably think of playing roulette in Las Vegas, even a high-stakes game of poker in Monaco.

And while the Chinese enclave of Macau has recently become the world’s number one casino destination, it seems as though Canada is putting real efforts into revitalizing its adult gaming scene.

With grand new casino projects that aim to overhaul places like Sudbury and North Bay as glamorous tourist destinations, it looks like Canada could be a good choice for anybody looking to win big at the gaming tables.

However, all of these new developments are not without controversy. As well as existing concerns about how to regulate these operations safely, there are also controversial plans to privatize casino gaming in Ontario that look to be given the go-ahead after last year’s setbacks.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming body has been bringing in around $2 billion of non-tax revenues each year. And as part of the province’s plans to modernize the organization, it seems that a few private corporations are going to be the main beneficiaries of Canada’s casino boom.

While the infrastructure around these grand new gaming establishments will undoubtedly provide the area with many more jobs and tourism investment opportunities, there are concerns about how Ontario’s public services will survive as the privatization scheme looks to give away $72 million each year to private bodies.

Regardless of the political implications of this decision, it seems that casino gaming in Canada is clearly in the ascendancy. A quick look at the five biggest Canadian gaming establishments featured at Lucky Nugget Casino blog shows how there is a huge choice for any prospective gamer who comes to the country.


From the eye-catching modernist architecture of the Casino de Montreal in Quebec, to the grand natural surroundings of the Casino Niagara in Ontario, it’s clear that gaming in Canada represents something a little different from the gaudy offerings found on the Las Vegas Strip.

So this is why it’s going to be fascinating to see how the casino gaming scene develops over the next few years. With online gaming providers becoming evermore popular, it looks like Canada’s latest generation of casinos are going to have to work hard to ensure that they reap the rewards of this incredibly competitive domain.


And with yet another project being unveiled in Kingsway, it seems that the battle to gain control of Canada’s casinos is going to become evermore lucrative.

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