Cathay Pacific’s Female Flight Attendants Can FINALLY Wear Trousers

It only took 72 years.


After more than 70 years, Cathay Pacific finally ends its skirt-only rule for female flight attendants.

According to BBC, Cathay Pacific’s flight attendants first requested an update on uniforms in 2014 when they were considered as invitations to sexual harassment for being too revealing.

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The recent change finally occurred after multiple complaints from staff that the length of the skirts deter flight attendants from stowing luggage in overhead compartments and other tasks.

For 72 years, Cathay Pacific has been strict regarding its skirts-only policy. Cathay Pacific said to Business Insider:

“There is no progress without change. Now is the time to make this happen by working together to review the uniforms that accurately reflect the values we represent.”

Although the change won’t happen immediately. It may take up to three years when Cathay Pacific updates its uniforms the next time around. As of now, Cathay Pacific flight attendants’ uniform includes: white blouse with logo, red skirt with two slits, sheer black stockings, and black high heels. A red jacket is optional.


Nice to be catching up with the modern times, Cathay Pacific!

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