Indulge In A Splendid Train Ride From Seattle To L.A. For Less Than USD $100



Riding the train and REALLY enjoying it is easy in Europe. In the U.S., however, the vibe can be a little different. Have you met Amtrak’s Coast Starlight train though?

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Here’s the deal. If you’ve ever wanted to cross several states on the West Coast without being behind the wheel, then you’ll can do it now for merely USD $97.

The Coast Starlight starts in Seattle, pass through Oregon then arrive in Los Angeles. The 35-hour route crosses numerous natural beauties, including: Cascade Range and Mount Shasta. Just in case you really need to take in the captivating scenery, the train also has an observatory car for the best views possible.

If you want to bump up a grade for sleeper cars with private rooms and beds, it’ll cost USD $325. This Superliner Roomette features personal windows. If you want an even more grandiose service, the Coast Starlight also offers business package that includes wine and cheese.

Riding the train has never appeared sexier, especially for less than 100 bucks! Here’s just a bit of a preview.

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LA ~> SEA. dining car. 🍽🚂 #trainviews

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