How To Get Uber Rides In India Without Downloading The App

Ordering Uber rides is uber easy.


If you’re traveling in India, ordering Uber rides is uber easy.

The San Francisco-based company made an announcement today that its newest feature, “Dial an Uber” will allow people to request a car without downloading the app. It was first tested back in August, and now it operates in 29 cities in India.

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This might seem like a step back from what Uber offers to customers in other countries, but the new feature specifically targets India where phones are still twice as popular than smartphones.

After Ola, Uber’s India rival, made several changes to its app in October so customers could order cabs via texts; Uber decided to launch this feature in order to reach millions of users. Head of Engineering, Uber India Apurva Dalal, explains:

Dial an Uber offers a convenient choice to customers looking to book a ride and is testament to our focus on using our technological edge to make mobility reliable and accessible for everyone.

Simply by visiting and inserting your phone number for authentication, a car will be coming your way. Payment will be conducted just like any other taxi, at the end of the ride.

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