The Best Netflix Releases In Early 2020

Netflix constantly releases lists of the newest movies and TV shows available for users all over the world, so if you are looking for something new to watch this month, stay tuned!


Netflix Lists: The Top Movies and TV Shows to Watch

Millions of people all over the world are stuck at home for the foreseeable future, as a result of the spreading COVID-19. So, what can they do will all the spare time they now have? That’s right, binge-watching shows on Netflix is a must!

But even though people now have hours and hours to spend in front of the screen, it doesn’t mean they are willing to waste time on shows and movies that might turn out to be boring. In fact, in some cases, people who are disappointed by the show they chose often opt for playing some of the best casino online games instead.

Luckily, Netflix launched a new feature that is designed to help users to find new things to watch in a flash, and it seems promising.

Up until now, the platform’s main page introduced to the public the different categories and genres you can find documentaries, action thrillers, dramas, etc. Dozens upon dozens of movies and TV shows are available to every user, but the diverse selection only makes the decision process unnecessarily hard.

To rectify the situation, Netflix added a new feature that lists the top 10 TV shows in your country, the top 10 movies, and a list that combines both categories. Available for all users, no matter whether they use their computer or smartphone to log in to their account, this feature can help a lot of people make up their minds about what they want to watch.

The Best on Netflix: Early 2020

The creation of the new feature gives us a deeper insight into what the average person enjoys watching, depending on his or her location. Here are some of the movies and TV shows that are, apparently, quite popular in several countries:

  • I Am Not Okay With This – The uniquely-told teenage drama managed to capture the hearts of viewers in Australia, the US, and Canada alike. The seven episodes that make up the first season were released on February 26, and they became a hit straight away. At first, it seems as if the show tells the story of the average messed-up teen: family drama, anger issues, and complicated friendships. But there is one thing that makes this teen stand out: paranormal abilities. That unpredictable element puts an edgy spin on a universal story about the hardships of growing up.
  • The Last Thing He Wanted – Although the Netflix movie, which was released on February 21, got quite a few negative reviews, it still managed to draw quite a crowd. First, the fact that major A-listers, including Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, and Willem Dafoe, are involved in the project managed to create a lot of hype. In addition to that, the movie seems to be packed with action, drama, and mystery, the perfect combination for a fun watching experience.
  • The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez – In recent years, Netflix has had quite a few success stories in the true-crime genre. The new documentary, dissecting one of the most gruesome murders in US history, happens to be one of the best movies yet. It is gut-wrenching, eye-opening, and poignant. And while this kind of movie is hard to bear, it addresses important issues we all have to know about. This mini-series was released on February 26 and managed to capture the attention of all Netflix users.

Better Entertainment, Easier Access

Netflix managed to make its users quite happy with the new feature that reduces the need to look for high-quality movies or TV shows. What else does the media-services provider have in store for us while we wait for the Coronavirus crisis to pass?

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