Japan’s Crackdown On Home-Sharing Wipes Out 80% Airbnb Listings

Better hurry and scram for backup plans.

Japan Airbnb


Hate to break the news, but if you’re heading to Japan soon and you’ve reserved an Airbnb, you better hurry and scram for backup plans.

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It was only last year that home-sharing became legal in Japan, then a new Japan’s Hotels and Inns Act added a new requirement to anyone using home-sharing services to register their property and a license number to their listings before June 15th. Japan’s new regulations also limit hosts to offering maximum of 180 days annually.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, 80% of Japan’s Airbnb listenings have been removed, leaving many travelers stranded with alternative lodging options. Last week, Airbnb released a statement, showing that the company was stunned by the change, and that it was “contrary to the guidance our team had previously been given by the Japanese Tourism Agency (JTA).”

Airbnb will refund any traveler stuck with a cancellation. In addition, Airbnb will exercise a $10 million fund to reimburse travelers for unexpected expenses because of cancellations. The American-based service will also work with Japan-based travel agency to launch a support line, giving help to travelers troubled with cancellations.

Japan isn’t the only travel destination cracking down on home-sharing services, other cities include: San Francisco, and Paris.


If you’re traveling to Japan this summer, start looking for alternative options pronto so you’re not stranded with nowhere to stay.

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