Is It Possible To Find Your True Love On A Dating App?

There are a few tips that can help you meet someone special on a dating app and build a healthy relationship.

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“How did you guys meet?”

These days, not every couple can brag about the cute story of how they met. The rise of online dating has changed the world forever. More and more people look for their partners, friends, and ‘adventures’ exclusively online. In fact, Tinder alone has more than 57 million users around the world.

Online dating gives access to a huge pool of single people, which makes it so special. With an expanded radius of matches, you can have a date with a new person every single day. Another great thing about online dating is the lack of complications. If you don’t like how the date goes, you can just move on—no need to explain yourself to a co-worker who set you up on a blind date.

However, a lot of people are still hesitant to look for a real thing online. They believe that a dating app is not the place to meet true love. The market is highly competitive, and with such a wide choice, users might not be able to connect.

According to dating apps reviewed by Beyond Ages, approximately 14% of couples who have met on a dating platform are already married. For some people, swiping for their Mrs. or Mr. Right became possible.

No one knows how to meet the love of your life. It might just be a fairytale for adults. Although, there are a few tips that can help you meet someone special on a dating app and build a healthy relationship:

Define your goal

You will not have to go on three dates per day if you know what you are looking for. Let’s be honest, different people are looking for different things. Some want to get over their ex, others are tired of loneliness in a big city and want to have a serious relationship. Of course, there are more reasons than that.

You also need to define your goal and be ok with letting some matches go. To do that, it’s important to have an honest conversation with yourself. For instance, if you are looking for a real thing, why do you go on a date with someone who wrote in their profile about a one-night stand? Swipe left and never look back.

Once you know what you want from online dating, consider writing your goals in the profile description. Of course, you should be careful with words – don’t scare your potential matches away.  Focus on what you want, not the things you’d like to avoid.

Get to know them

Don’t run on a date in your best clothes right after you matched with someone who looks cute. Some users have fake or old photos, so don’t fall for it. What should really attract your attention is your match’s profile description. If they couldn’t spend at least five minutes on filling it up, they probably don’t take the online dating thing seriously. A good profile description helps to start the conversation. So, work on your own as well.

Once you find someone you like, consider chatting with this person for a few days (three days would be enough). You will see how fast this person responds and if they are interested in continuing this acquaintance.

First-date rules

If you want to build a healthy relationship with a stranger, it’s better to follow some rules on the first date. First of all, choose a neutral location where you will be able to  talk.

Secondly, don’t use alcohol as an ice-breaker. If you really want to get to know each other, be yourself (meaning sober). It will help you to keep things under control and avoid the walk of shame in the morning.

The third rule is probably the most difficult one (for certain people). Don’t go to bed on the first date. Sex is an amazing part of the relationship. Opening this chapter on the first date leaves no room for intrigue. So, take your time to build intimacy and create inside jokes first.

It doesn’t mean you need to wait for months for your first time with this person. All you should do is to get to know each other and prove to yourself that it is not purely physical attraction.

Don’t be desperate

Some people try to build a relationship so hard that it just turn their matches off. Obviously, you will not be able to get to know a person by only checking their profile. Moreover, even the first three dates might not give you a full picture.

No matter what happens, you should be able to step away in case it doesn’t work. Don’t force relationships in the first place. Some matches might become your friends, some of them might disappear after the first date. One out of 10 or 100 dates can be that special person. Online dating is a fun game, and you have all chances to win!

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