How To Hack iOS Games Using iFunbox And Other Applications

Enjoy the best games ever created for iOS devices.

They say that any game can be cracked or hacked. And we don’t shy away from installing hacked games our iOS devices. Even the most purist users cannot deny the fact that Apple games are often absurdly expensive and, oftentimes, are inconvenient to download. That’s when third party apps capable of hacking iOS games come in handy. Today, we’re going to find out what apps can help you turn your rigid iPhone into a flexible tool wherewith you’ll be able to enjoy the best games ever created for iOS devices.


We couldn’t open our top list with any game hacking app other than i-Funbox. This app is famed for its ability to facilitate seamless data transfer between iOS devices and personal computers. Moreover, iFunbox is also an expert in installing hacked apps on iPhones. iFunbox is the first app users opt for when they need to download and install Debian packages (.deb files), which is a prerequisite for freeing your device from the limitations imposed by Apple on it.

To start playing hacked iOS games on your Apple device, do the following:

Download iFunbox from the official site or from, which is a time tested online resource that offer free software and troubleshooting assistance.

Then, head to Cyndia, arguably the most popular unofficial App Store for Apple devices, and get the Mobile Terminal file from it. Install the downloaded file onto your iOS device.

The second essential component is called afc2add, the file which also can be downloaded from Cydia. Don’t forget to install it on your iPhone as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access your device’s root folder.

Go search for the .deb file you’re interested in.

Connect your device to a PC and fire up iFunbox

At the top of the window, locate the “iFunbox Classic” tab and click on it. Then, select the “Raw File System” option from there.

Your next step is to find the /var/mobile folder, the one that will serve as a storage for your .deb file.

We recommend that you rename the downloaded .deb file to be able to locate it when necessary. It can name it “mydeb” or “cyndiadeb1.”

Drag the renamed file to the /var/mobile folder.

Then, run the Mobile Terminal file and type the following:

Make sure to type the name of your .deb file instead of “nameyourdeb.”

After your .deb file has been successfully installed, you can download and install any hacked iOS game onto your device and enjoy the gameplay.

Photo: i-funbox


Another iOS game hacking app worth our attention is iGameGuardian. Unlike iFunbox that only performs a mediatory role in downloading hacked games, the app in question is used for modifying your iOS game’s behavior. iGameGuardian looks for in-game values, such as resources, coins, points, etc and easily changes these values. It can multiply your gems, money, and resources and thus make you the richest player. It’s completely safe to use on any jailbroken Apple device.

HackerBot FreeFinder

If you’re into legitimate stuff, you’ll find our next app a perfect solution. HackerBot FreeFinder is a handy tool designed to locate and install legitimate cheats for this or that iOS game. By using it, you’ll be able to enjoy not only cheats but also lots of mods for your favorite games. The given app relies on a custom search engine that reaches only reputable and time-tested online resources. So you can rest assured that all the cheats you acquire using HackerBot FreeFinder are totally legal and safe to use.

File Explorers and Managers

There’re also a good few file exploring and managing programs you can successfully utilize to cheat in your favorite iOS games. Such apps give you full control of all the files installed on your Apple device. You’ll be able to modify your game’s behavior by changing substituting, changing, editing, removing files, etc. If you have enough experience, you’ll be able to create your own cheat files and implement a variety of cheating options into your games.

Now it’s high time you picked the best game hacking app and started getting the most out your iOS games!

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