How To Get Free Wi-Fi 24/7 In Taiwan!

There’s nowhere else in the world offering this savvy and convenient Wi-Fi service!

Last year, Taiwan was the first destination in the world to provide absolutely free access to wireless internet for travelers. iTaiwan (aka: “government indoor public area free Wi-Fi access”) is now upgrading its services so that every international traveler like you can use free Wi-Fi up to 30 days of your stay in Taiwan.

If you’re staying longer, you can have the possibility of extending to 90 days after. Prior to this, the only way for travelers to receive iTaiwan username and password was to stand in line at the airport. Now, anyone planning a trip to Taiwan can register on this website before the trip. Here’s what you would need to do:

Step 1:

Click “Register Now” and choose your travel type (individuals or groups). Then, follow the instruction on the menu and key in your personal information. After checking it, click “Enter,” and agree to the Privacy and Information Security Policy. Then you will have completed your registration.


Step 2: 

After arrival, go to the Tourist Service Center near you and show your passport or entry permit (for Mainland China residents) to the staff so they can process your application for the iTaiwan service. Then, the staff will check the personal information you have inputted. After checking it, they will open your iTaiwan account.

Step 3:

After starting your account, link to the signal of “iTaiwan” with your mobile device. And, after opening the link with any kind of browser, key in your account number (your passport number) and wireless Internet password (your birthdate), and you can surf the Internet by iTaiwan.

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