How To Create A Beautiful Visual For Instagram In 2022

Trends, mistakes, and the second life of unpopular visual design techniques on Instagram.

How To Create A Beautiful Visual For Instagram In 2022

They meet by clothes not only people but also Instagram accounts. No matter how useful your blog is, a new reader will first evaluate it “by eye”, and if the profile visually attracts, they will open the posts and start reading. Make the visual design of the page pleasant for readers by adhering to certain rules and tricks.

Uniform style

The look smoothly slides down the feed of posts in the profile – it means that you have found your own, unified style. The gaze clings to individual fragments, but the desire to scroll through the feed below and enjoy the general view is great.

Take photos of the right colors and shades on purpose, choosing certain photo studios, decor, clothes, etc. for photoshoots. Or use no more than 3 filters that are similar to each other and process all your photos with them. And 1-2 fonts, of course. All this combines different photo posts into a single space.

Single background

If a single style for the visual of the page on Instagram does not respond to you yet, use the following trick: take a photo of the product on the same background or on similar ones. This will remove smudges and visual noise and make the tape more pleasing to the eye. Use a free online service to remove and replace backgrounds.

And remember the light! If you are taking product photos under artificial lighting, be sure to use filters to adjust the color balance. This is one of the fundamental rules of the visual on Instagram.


Using illustrations instead of photos for your Instagram profile visual can be both a great eye-catcher and ruin the whole picture of a good blog. You can illustrate individual publications, such as headings, or use them in all posts.

If you are seriously thinking about full blog illustration, look for a good illustrator with whom your vision of images will coincide completely.

How To Create A Beautiful Visual For Instagram


They will help to visually distinguish between images, give neatness to the account, and also make it different from others. For example, using frames, you can create asymmetry in a perfectly square Instagram – it catches the eye. Or achieve a beautiful and unusual visual due to the frames located slightly obliquely.


This is a profile in which posts are designed as elements of a landing page. When the user goes to the account, he sees a full-fledged landing page with a description of the product, a unique selling proposition, and the advantages of contacting this particular company.

Such accounts are not kept permanently, they are created for a specific purpose. For example, you launch advertising on a social network and close all the questions that potential customers have with a similar account.

Close-up frames

This is an Instagram visual that features close-up photos of logos, tags, and textures. If you have your own brand or you just make toys to order, pay attention to details and close-ups. Such photos stand out from the general mass of posts in the feed and attract attention. Many famous fashion houses use close-ups to diversify their ribbon and highlight the quality of their products.

Angles and perspective

When photography is always done from the same angle, the tape creates the feeling that everything is the same, despite the different interior and so on.

A bad example: photos with a family from a trip alternate only with photos of a blogger in different variations and with photos and videos of nature. A good example is close-up photos interspersed with medium shots, as well as photos where there is action.

How To Create A Beautiful Visual


High-quality collages attract the attention of users. These can be single publications that show a person in clothes in the studio and how he looks in it on the street, for example. Or it can be an entire account, where all the images are composed and rendered collages. It all depends on the topic of the blog and the ability to create such illustrations.

Such posts are also prepared in advance: they choose the topic of the publication and compose an illustration for it.

Animated elements

Movement draws attention. It’s invisible on your profile but will give you 100 points ahead when readers view their feeds. Making a photo element movable, a full-fledged animation, or just making the picture sparkle – all this will increase the attention of readers to the post when they scroll through the feed.

Three simple animations, but in the feed, they will make the eye-catcher on the posts. You can create such an animation in 10 minutes using designer services. And remember – to maintain a beautiful visual on Instagram, use video covers.

Stop motion animation

This is a set of frames that, when played continuously, creates the effect of a video. The reception will also allow you to qualitatively diversify the content of your page on the social network.

Some people just make a set of frames, and someone builds a logical chain, makes minimal movement between frames, and you get a full-fledged cartoon.

Text on photo

The main rule when designing a visual on Instagram is not to harm the beauty of the feed. The text on the photo in useful blogs is loved – it helps to search for the desired post or heading. But it should be well-read, fit into the overall style of the blog and not overlap important objects in the photo. The text complements the picture, not the other way around.

Highlights design

Attention to detail: ugly Eternal Stories will spoil the whole impression of the account. Choose beautiful, reflective photos, drawings for decoration, or create pictures especially for yourself. Specially created pictures that reflect the idea of the main photo of the account look great.

Create A Beautiful Visual For Instagram

I really hope that the recommendations described above will help you achieve your goals. Be bold, try, experiment, don’t be afraid to make a mistake, and let your feed become aesthetic and visually appealing!

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