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Bookaway offers outstanding experiences for travelers by bridging the gap with local transportation providers in 30 countries.

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Traveling across international destinations is pretty straightforward these days, where you have to simply book your tickets, pack your bags, board the flight, and reach your destination. However, it is usually tricky to find local transportation at those places.

Local traveling is even more difficult at holiday destinations, especially during the peak seasons. In most tourist places, local transportation providers take advantage of the peak season, and charge exorbitant rates for traveling domestically. Sometimes, you might even end up spending more money on your domestic transportation, than your international flight ticket.

Bookaway is an online portal for travelers, where they can book their ground and sea transportation tickets online. The portal also allows you to find and compare the available local transportation options, and then make the right choices as per your personalized requirements, and budget.

Most of the local transportation providers do not have global outreach, especially in the Southeast Asian countries. Bookaway allows you to simplify your travel plans, by providing access to book sea underground transportation tickets from anywhere you want.

Currently their services are available at more than 30 different countries worldwide, with the main focus being Southeast Asian countries. There have grown in popularity, because of the sheer numbers of routes that they cover. Bookaway boasts of providing tickets for ground and sea transportation across more than 2000 unique routes.


  • They have brought about digital transformation for the local transportation providers to reach out to customers worldwide. People can easily book even the domestic ground and sea transportation tickets from their laptops or smartphones.
  • Currently they are operating in more than 30 countries, including most of the top tourist destinations. For example, if you are looking to do island hopping in the Philippines, you can book your ferry tickets in advance at Bookaway.
  • Their services are backed with excellent customer support. You can contact them anytime, 365 days round the year. Their executives are in direct contact with the local service providers, and will help you in getting the best solutions for your needs. You can call them up anytime for more information regarding your travel.
  • Traveling always brings about its own set of anxieties. With Bookaway, you can travel in peace, knowing that your domestic travel arrangements are already done.
  • Bookaway provides flexible cancelation policies, allowing travelers to make last minute changes without having to lose money. You will get full refund on cancellations, provided that you do it 24 hours before your boarding time. There also allow flexible weather cancelation policy, where the money will be refunded if your travel gets canceled due to difficult weather conditions.
  • The booking portal is neatly designed for simple navigation, thereby allowing people to book the tickets with ease.


  • Some of their customers feel that they should add more coverage in other countries, like the kind of extensive services they provide in the Southeast Asian countries.

Our Rating:

Bookaway offers unique solution that not only benefits the local transportation providers, but also the global travels, who can plan their travel the best way. We rate them with 4.5 stars out of 5.

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