A Guide To Online Casino Terminology

Getting into something new is always difficult; not only can it feel overwhelming, but any minor setback can threaten to derail the operation entirely.

A Guide to Online Casino Terminology
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One of the biggest obstacles that you might find when encountering a new hobby is the jargon and terminology. The communities that form around these activities will throw around these terms in such a way that makes you feel expected to know them, and this can only work against your endeavors to get involved.

So, brushing up on these terms and gaining a baseline understanding can be a great place to begin. Take a hobby such as online casinos, for example, and you might be surprised at how quickly understanding the terminology can have you feeling more confident when taking part.


It doesn’t take an enormous amount of imagination to work out what this might mean within the context of an online casino. Still, it’s worth investigating anyway, as it can illuminate your choices regarding where you go to play once you figure out how important it is to you.

It’s no secret that money plays a large role in how these games are played, and once you win at any given game, the faster that your casino of choice provides you with your winnings, the more you might be inclined to give it another go.

Removing the hurdles and filler can make an enormous difference, and finding the best online casinos that payout fast can make this hobby much more manageable.


A lot of the marketing around online casinos (and physical ones) comes from the word ‘bonuses.’ You might have a pretty good idea of what it’s all about when you see it in that context, but it’s good to be sure.

Usually, when in the context of a casino, a bonus simply refers to an opportunity for the player to earn free spins or a payout. It’s not difficult to see why these would be valued highly, as the option of gaining something for free is naturally appealing.

However, as with any time that this is offered to you, it’s worth your time to inspect this opportunity to answer the age-old question – is this too good to be true? When it comes to chances at making money, it’s easy to let that mental image run away from you, but some scrutiny could serve you well in hedging your bets successfully.


When you’re talking about an online casino, you’re likely seeing them in the context of the internet, which takes a very globalist approach. Therefore, you might often see region-specific terms in relation to online casinos that might mean nothing to you.

For example, ‘pokies’ is an Australian term that refers to gambling machines as poker machines, which was a nickname that arose from the sheer popularity of the devices in that part of the world.

Getting some terms cleared up and even just learning a little bit more about a prospective hobby can make it much easier to break down that initial barrier and start learning for yourself, which only serves to amp up your enjoyment of the hobby in question – and that’s especially true when it comes to gambling and online casinos.

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