4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A COVID Vaccine Passport

After the report of the first case of COVID-19 on December 31st, 2019, governments around the world scrambled to find solutions to one of the biggest problems we’ve ever faced as a society.

COVID vaccine passport

The travel industry was one of the industries that was hit the hardest and is still struggling to get back on its feet. Millions of people have been unable to visit their families, international trade businesses collapsed, and tourism took a nearly two year pause due to the pandemic.

Nowadays the world is adapting to the new changes that have been brought by COVID-19 and a COVID vaccine passport is going to be a must in the coming years if we want to move forward with our lives and take back the freedoms we had prior to the outbreak.

COVID Vaccine passport is a digital health document that is being used as a travel requirement to ease the travel restrictions on passengers. It can be used both in a digital or paper format and is being implemented by multiple EU countries. Vaccination certificate, COVID-19 test report, or post-recovery immunity certificate are types of this passport document.

Why You Should Consider Getting a COVID Vaccine Passport

1. Free to Travel Where You Want

Since the policy of requiring COVID vaccine passports is now being implemented by many countries across the globe, it will likely become a necessity for those wanting to travel both domestically and internationally.

For people who have not visited their families since the outbreak or people who have put a halt to their businesses due to travel restrictions, this will be the only possible way to travel abroad in order to meet their loved ones or to get their work done.

2. No Quarantine Necessary

One of the reasons for the use of COVID passports by the European Union commission is to lighten the quarantine restriction on the passengers.

Since the start of the pandemic, only fewer countries allowed for travel however quarantine was still a necessity.

This travel certification was launched with the aim of removing the quarantine limitation, providing freedom of movement, and consequently helping travelers save a lot of money, as the entire cost of a 14 day quarantine is not cheap nor convenient.

3. No More COVID Tests

A handful of government organizations and traveling airlines are experimenting on different electronic versions of these digital health certificates so that people with a green pass can travel just the way they used to before the pandemic.

Travelers with their test or post-recovery certification will most likely be exempt from the continuous stress of testing prior to traveling to a new destination.

4. Protect Yourself and Others Around You

Studies say that the COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective against Coronavirus by reducing the probability of getting seriously ill.

Since many people are still reluctant to get their vaccination dose, the policy of the necessity of getting green COVID certification for travel would encourage people to get vaccinated if they really want to travel abroad. This will help not only in saving individual lives but ensure the safety of the earth from this deadly disease by creating a chain of herd immunity.

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