3 Interesting Insights About Canada’s Competitive Gaming Culture

You essentially get a look inside how people tick.

canada's gaming culture
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Whenever you visit a new country, the aim is to immerse yourself in culture as much as possible. Food and drink are an easy way to get a flavor for what’s around you, and so is taking a sightseeing tour. However, when you think about your own life at home, what’s one of the ways you feel most comfortable?

For many, the answer will be “having fun.” Entertainment is a fantastic route to the heart of a culture. Naturally, entertainment can come in many forms but one of the most obvious is playing games. Whether it’s alone or with friends, games excite the senses and engage the mind. When you take this dynamic into a new country, you essentially get an insight into how people tick. Here are three interesting insights about Canada and their gaming culture!

1. Online Games Show Canada’s Competitive Side

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If you visit Canada, you’ll find that more than 50% of the population identify as gamers in the modern sense of the word. According to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), 54% of Canadians have played some form of video game both online and offline. So, what could this tell you about the culture?

Well, from the findings, we know that women make up 48% of the gaming community. From this, it’s possible to say that, on the surface, women enjoy playing video games. However, we could also say that there’s a certain level of healthy competition between men and women in Canada. Moreover, there’s a certain amount of equality, in gaming at least, in Canada.

2. Living On The Edge Is A Popular Pastime

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Another popular option in Canada is online casino gaming. Touchdown in the land of maple leaves and you’ll find a variety of land-based casinos. From those in Winsor to the venues overlooking Niagara Falls, Canadians love betting. The natural evolution of this cultural norm is to play online. Finding the right site is important with regards to enjoying the best experience possible.

Indeed, you wouldn’t know that you could get some free goes on a slot machine and keep what you win if you didn’t read a few reviews. Once you’re active inside some of Canada’s online casinos, the main thing you’ll learn about the culture is that residents love an adrenaline rush. From this, we can assume that Canadians enjoy living on the edge and get a buzz from a touch of drama.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

Beyond the Internet and towards something a little more leftfield, 17% of Quebecers have tried a “weird sport” according to a poll by ParticipACTION. Alongside bubble soccer and disc golf, one of the latest crazes to take hold in Canada is underwater rugby. To get into the action, the Underwater Rugby Montreal runs regular events and newbies can train for free. Of course, you need to be confident in the water and not afraid of a bit of rough and tumble. Sure, the action isn’t as intense as traditional rugby, but it is tough in its own right. In fact, if you’re looking for a great workout and a way to let off some steam, underwater rugby is a great option.

Again, what does this tell us about Canadians? Well, it suggests they’re not afraid to test their physical limits, but it also shows us that they don’t mind playing with traditions. Being innovative and diving (literally in this case) into something different is a sign of a culture that’s open and willing to explore new ideas.

On a practical level, games are a great way to have some fun and meet you people, especially when you’re traveling. However, when you start to unpack what it mean in terms of a culture and its nuances, you can find out a lot about the place you’re visiting. In this instance, Canada’s gaming culture seems to show the locals are up for trying new things, taking risks and engaging in some healthy competition.

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