Ever Dream of Learning Russian? Renaissance Moscow Olympic Hotel Offers A Unique Opportunity

moscow russia marriott hotel

Planning a vacation or business trip to Moscow? If you’re one of those extra-curious people for whom simple sight-seeing isn’t enough and you feel the dire need to truly explore and understand the Russian culture — then Renaissance Moscow Olympic Hotel is the perfect place for you!

Ever dream of reading Dostoevsky or Tolstoy in Russian? It’s possible. Aside from providing a free transfer service to Moscow’s main attractions, the hotel offers a unique opportunity to learn Russian and become closer to the Russian culture.

russia moscow marriott hotelEvery Tuesday at 6:30pm in the 7 Sisters Café, a professional Russian language tutor awaits the hotel guests. The instructor not only teaches the most important and popular Russian phrases, but also shares stories about great Russian traditions and customs. The teacher will find a special approach to every single student, regardless of his level of knowledge of the language.

The lesson is entirely free and lasts one hour. However, at times, guests are so engaged in the discussions and questions that class continues on even further. Guests have become so accustomed to this unique characteristic of the hotel, that these lessons have already become a kind tradition that travelers anticipate during their every visit to this downtown Moscow hotel.

June 6th is International Russian Language Day, a date that was chosen specifically to commemorate the birthday of the famous Russian writer Alexander Pushkin. On this day, Renaissance Moscow Olympic Hotel will host a special lesson with a traditional Russian Samovar tea ceremony, complimented by delicious customary sweets.

Perhaps you are participating or organizing an event in one of the hotel’s many meeting venues or have a business meeting in one of the various restaurants — surprise your colleagues and partners with interesting Russian phrases or stories about the culture. This will certainly lighten up any mood and help steer the meeting in a positive manner from the get-go.

russia moscow marriott hotel

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