What Does It REALLY Take To Immigrate To Canada?

It helps being an entrepreneur.


For many, the unsatisfactory outcome of the U.S. presidential election has urged them to explore the option of Canada immigration. So much so that the website crashed as the night of the election unfolded. I had to explore this desperation, and see what does it REALLY take to immigrate to the True North.

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When it comes to immigration, may countries will ask the same question in regards to eligibility: age, income, education, skill sets…etc. But there are some unique features to Canada’s immigration requirements. Here’s what I found that stick out:

The first thing you have to figure out is why you need to live there, and besides the average “family connections” or a job waiting for you there, if you’re an entrepreneur with a high net worth, Canada is more likely to welcome you with open arms.


Similar to choosing which state in the U.S. we want to live in, deciding which province for immigration in Canada is crucial since every province has its own set of eligibility requirements and programs. Some province prefer immigrants with a special set of skills, or British Columbia has the option of internet-based “express entry,” which is available to anyone who already has a job lined up in Canada and asking for permanent residency. So look into different provinces for what might be the most interesting according to your plans.

Note that if you’ve had any of these personal history, your application will most likely receive an automatic NO. For example, if you’ve ever suffered from deep financial issues committed a crime, one of your family members has already been banned from Canada, or if you’ve ever experienced a major health risk.

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Wendy Hung


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