Why This City In Germany Is Literally Splitting In Two

YouTuber Tom Scott discovers what’s behind the controversy.

Situated in the Germany’s southwest state Baden-Württemberg is the small town of Staufen im Breisgau. With a population of 7,600 residents, the town is actually splitting in two.

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YouTuber Tom Scott checked out the area, and discovered the reason behind cracks appearing throughout Staufen’s architecture. What he realized, as you can see in the video, is that since 2008, the area rose 12 centimeters after sinking a few millimeters. This caused damaged in the city, especially in its historical town hall.

In fact, the geological damage was initially caused by a drilling operation in 2007 to provide geothermal heating to the city hall. The drilling permeated an anhydrite layer and caused high-pressure groundwater to mix with the anhydrite which then creates expansion.

The mineral anhydrite transformed into gypsum causes the ground to bulge, thus creating the cracks on buildings. The controversy has left the town, literally splitting in two.

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