Could The Trump Administration Trigger A Casino Gaming Boom?



Despite his misogynist and xenophobic tendencies, Donald Trump’s presidency has the potential to help the world’s fledgling casino gaming industry. Thanks to a combination of relaxed business legislation and Trump’s past history as a casino magnate, it’s thought that it won’t just be the Slovenian Tourism industry to unexpectedly benefit from the Trump era.

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Donald Trump’s highly publicized investment in casinos in the 1980s was one of the main reasons why he leapt to the world’s stage. As well as his Taj Mahal casino resort in Atlantic City becoming the most expensive casino ever built, he also had an attempt at running other gaming establishments in New York.

Unfortunately, these business ventures proved to be an unwise gamble for Trump, as they tended to result in bankruptcy. But despite President’s Trump’s lack of skill in creating a profitable casino, it’s thought that his relaxed attitudes towards business legislation and corporate tax could help the gambling industry flourish.

The US currently has a very restrictive attitude towards online casino gaming, with only New Jersey enjoying more liberal legislation. But given Trump’s casino past and his executive order that cuts business regulations, there is a chance that the US could soon enjoy a deregulated environment similar to the one that’s helped the UK become one of the world’s online gambling hotspots.

Whilst casinos in the US have frequently been at the mercy of the nation’s moral guardians, in the UK there’s been a much more liberal atmosphere that has given gaming sites like MrSmithCasino an easier way to ensure that their mobile slots and table games find a huge audience.

As Trump has already made the controversial choice to do away with many environmental restrictions for businesses, it could also be the case that he will have a more relaxed approach to how the nation’s population keep themselves entertained, too.

Whilst Trump has already made moves to populate the halls of power with some ultra-conservative politicians, it’s clear that his populist ethos will look to sweeten the pill by offering lower taxes and increased liberalization in regards to trade and entertainment within the US.

As such, his “America first” could mean that the US will enjoy something of an online casino boom. But whether his conservative political colleagues will be ready to embrace such liberal trends remains to be seen.

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