Instagram Will Show More Ads, Should You Freak Out?


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Whether we like it or not, it was bound to happen. Expect to see more ads taking over your Instagram feed.

Last week, the online mobile photo/video sharing social network altered its API to allow advertisers use third-party services such as Salesforce and Brand Networks to schedule marketing campaigns. The new feature makes it that much easier for companies to buy ads on Instagram.

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So far, Instagram has only worked with specific companies to personally work on ads that are visually appealing to its 300 million users. Tech insiders fear that the new feature may begin to tarnish the way ads appear on feeds which conflict with the essence of the successful photo app: gorgeously filtered images that speak of life’s big and small moments.

Instagram’s prior approach in working with selected brands to create exquisite photos have been 2.8 times more successful than other forms of online advertising. The main reason is such posts never looked like ads at first glance since they seamlessly blend in with personal photos posted by regular users. This might very well change with more advertisers eager to tap into Instagram’s massive and worldwide growing audience.

#InstaAds? How do you like it?

Source: The Next Web. Additional reporting by Jetset Times.

What do you think of seeing more ads on your Instagram feed? Let us know in the comments.

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